Stevie Jay


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From:   Lincoln Park, New Jersey United States
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I am a set collector, all sports, all manufacturers. Once I start a set, my goal is to finish it. I do prefer to work on sets that I have already started before starting new sets.

As I slowly get my collection catalogued here, I am also working on creating checklists for my sets using Google Sheets, which I am willing to share with anyone that is interested.

I have begun creating grades for all of my "For Sale/Trade" cards from 1979 and older. I am sticking with 4 grades. "Very Good" means that centering is pretty good and there are no issues with card wear with the possible exception of one dinged corner. "Good" means the centering might be off but all borders can be seen, there could be 2 or 3 dinged corners. "Fair" and "Poor" will have an explanation. For 1980 to the present, I will only indicate grades if the condition is good, fair or poor with an explanation. Otherwise assume the condition is excellent or better.

"Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!" - Vin Scully, 10/25/1986





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