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11/26/2022~Moving forward negative feedback will be left for all trades that include cards that show up in horrendous condition that was not previously called attention to. I have received FAR TOO MANY cards in utterly worthless condition. I go check the trade to make sure, and no condition issues were noted with the card itself in the traders list nor brought to my attention prior to them sending said cards. Please look at my feedback and you will see I do not ever send out junk trash cards, I therefore do not expect them in return.

Collecting ~ 
Braves, Broncos and 90's inserts for MLB, NBA & NFL. Anything else I have on my want list is secondary to these.

Trading ~ 
1) No trade is too big or too small.

2) When you want my inserts/numbered/auto cards it may serve you well to have some of the like on your trade list and not just junk wax base cards.

3) Moving forward I will be hedging more toward a sport for sport basis as it seems that nobody on here wants to get rid of anything decent for football but wants it in return for their baseball.

4) If it's on my trade list, it's 100% available, if it's not, it's 100% not available. I appreciate the same in return. I will not look through your collection because "everything could be traded", if that truly is the case why not just have it on the trade list then?

5) I DO NOT BUY I only trade.

6) I am more than happy to sell anything with payment & shipping via Wells Fargo Zelle or Venmo only. Sick and tired of all the PayPal BS over the years.

7) Thank you and have a good day, I look forward to trading with you if you are reading this.

**11/22/2022** Going forward I will not accept any trade requests that want inserts/parallels/SP's/RC's or higher end releases (Finest, Chrome, Gold Label etc) THAT DO NOT offer the same in return. I have over 100,115 cards on my waitlist. If you want 4 inserts of mine, you should be able to find 4 inserts I want in return, same with SP's etc. I've seen far too many people wanting nothing but high end releases, inserts, rcs, SP's, variations etc that offer not a single like card in return yet when I go look at their collection they have plenty. 

Everything will work out the way it is supposed to.





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