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I just got anther collection in most of it is Topps 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 with Opening day, and Update as well. It is not in the database as of yet if you are looking for base or RC I might have them.  I will try to get them into the database as soon as I can. Some of you know that I am also working on getting 350,000 plus cards in as well that was picked up and the first of this year. I hope this help you all out as I get closer to my 1000 completed trade being here.  I an getting slower on getting back to people on trade do to the face that I get a tone of trade offers each day. I will get to you just give me a little bit of time. 

Thank you 



I will try this one more time. I will only do trades that are 20 Cards or less. If the trade is more then that I will decline the trade offer. I have lost to many card to big trades. An my no trade list is still in play.  If you keep asking for more then 20 cards at one time. You will be put on that list no question Asked.



I finally made the list this year. The Biggest Trade of The Year Tenlbpain and Shaggy69 4,247 Cards. Hell Yes!!!!! 

 Not buy cards for any reason if I need them or not.



Trade card for card at least. O and don't send off cut or damaged cards or you go on my no trade from list again





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