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Currently uploading my whole collection and updating in constantly as new cards in.

Cal Ripken is my only real PC, trying to get as many as I can.

Currently trading/selling my duplicates but soon I will go through and open up way more cards to my For Sale/Trade list.

I have a preference towards the Orioles and RC's.

Looking to mostly do deals where I send you 5-6 cards on your list and get 1-2 in return.


I do not have much of a wantlist, I just mark something as a Want when I come across it on the site. So I am open to anything!



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From:   Essex, MD, United States

All Baltimore Orioles cards, specializing in Cal Ripken Jr.

I will alway try to make reasonable trades in your favor.

PWE will be used on small trades unless otherwise requested. For higher-valued cards, a bubble-wrap will be used.

Minor League Cards  -  I have several hundred listed for trade and will trade heaviely in your favor.

Complete Sets Available  - 

1992 Topps Stadium Club (All 900 cards in near-mint condition)

1993 Topps Stadium Club (All 900 cards in near-mint condition)

1992 Leaf Base (All 528 cards in near-mint condition)



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        (((( NOT LOOKING FOR ANY 1984-2015 Baseball on my list - I probbably have, on list for my purpose if ever sort though the TONS of JUNK ERA Cards I have already  ))))))



  I love old cardboard -  Started as a kid collecting in 1974, buying and opening packs with my cousin ( who later in life gave me all his 74 and 75s.  It was all about finding any  Aaron cards  when ripping open a pack that year.                                                ((ORIOLES FAN, VIKINGS & PANTHERS FAN )) 

             Working on finishing Topps baseball sets pre 1973, and finishing up second sets - 74-81 and looking EX on these years, VG/EX or at least VG on pre 73s - *of course will trade lower grade vintage for lower grade vintage* 

             Working on many 50s-70s Non-Sport sets 

           Working on 70-77 Football sets 

          WORKING on RECENT  Heritage, Archives, A & G sets and inserts as well

                     Small or big trades worth for me as long as values balanced 

             First 450 trades on here in 16 Months have been GREAT !! Try to do a trade a day on average. 

            100% Feedback important to me, if any issues please  let me know so can be fixed. 

       Brooks Roby, Frank Roby, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Fran Tarkenton


Quote:   "You know Earl. He's not happy unless he's not happy." - Elrod Hendricks


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Cal Ripken, Jr. cards are my main focus. I also collect Fred Lynn And Baltimore Orioles cards. I am currently ranked on TCDB as # 9 for Ripken, # 6 for Orioles, and # 3 for Fred Lynn.

I am currently looking for Baltimore Orioles Pocket Schedules.

I am also actively searching for the Holiday Inn room key cards of Cal Ripken that parallel the 2007 Upper Deck Holiday Inn Ripken set.



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From:   Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Hey everybody, Jeremy here.

Big time Husker fan as I've grown up and lived in Nebraska my entire life. I'm an alum and will cheer for any sport.

Been a card collector since a wee child. Took a 15 year hiatus in college and post-college and getting back into it collecting my childhood favorites. Boy have things changed! I'll dabble in some new cards as well if they aren't all gone at the local retailers. Thus, I have newer cards for trade as well.

My goal is to help you complete your sets and/or collect your favorite players or teams. I only have 1% of my collection logged into TCDB thus far, so most likely have many more in your want list then what appears. I'd love to dwindle down my For Sale/For Trade list, so please send over a trade proposal, even if it's only a card or two, and I may likely add to it.

I will always send PWE, unless the trade is over 25+ cards, then use a padded envelope.

I enjoy collecting: (ranking week of 7/17 ---> 7/24)
Shaquille O'Neal (#36 ---> #36)
* Ken Griffey Jr. (#71 ---> #71)
* Dan Marino (#30 ---> #29)
* Kobe Bryant (#358 ---> #357)
* Michael Jordan (#208 ---> #207)
* Lebron James (#367 ---> #368)
* Alex Rodriguez (#200 ---> #193)
* Ricky Williams (#20 ---> #18)

Would love to eventually be in the Top 100, even Top 50 in all the above at some point in time.

Always open to fair offers and selling any cards in my FS/FT list, as I have a BUNCH of cards I'm looking to purge as well. As I continue to get back into it, I may grow my wants/needs in completing sets, etc. I accept cards in all conditions, they don't have to be perfect.

Appreciate all considersations and will try to communicate if a card isn't in "gem mint" condition as well, as I do have some that aren't, as I actually traded cards waaaayyyyy before TCDB came along!



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I am a die hard Caps and Oriole Fan. My Oriole collection goes back to 1954 and my Caps collection goes back to 1974.  I am look to trade for Ovechkin and Backstrom in hockey. I am currently updating my collection and I am trying to get as many color variations for the OPC Platinum Caps and as always looking to expand my Brooks Robinson Os collection.




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Mostly Baseball, but a little bit of everything.

Quote:   Shutting off trades until I can get caught up on current offers


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From:   Panorama City, CA, United States

Baltimore Orioles cards of all stripes and flavors! 

Sub-collections include:

  • Cards featuring The Bird, the Orioles' mascot
  • Cards featuring Oriole Park at Camden Yards or Baltimore's Memorial Stadium
  • Cards or Stickers focusing on the Orioles logo
  • Canadian-produced (or Japanese, Venezuelan, British...) cards of the Orioles
  • Cards produced by the Star Company featuring Orioles players
  • 1991 Topps Desert Shield cards featuring Orioles players
  • Topps Opening Day cards featuring Orioles players

I'm good with PWE trading. Big or small trades can both be rewarding. I'll always aim to make sure it's an even trade where everyone is happy! 

At the end of the day, all of this should be FUN. 



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Ripken, Orioles, Annika Sorenstam, Dr. J, Some Twins, Some Bengals



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Topps Base (all years), Topps Heritage (all years), Baltimore Orioles (1954-2000), MLB Topps Now, MLB Topps Living, Project 2020/70, Texas Rangers (2000-Present), Texas Longhorns, Golf


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From:   Maryland, United States

Thank you for visiting my page!


Building Baltimore Orioles team base sets and collecting these Orioles players:

  • Cal Ripken, Mike Mussina, and Rafael Palmeiro.

Building Washington Capitals team base sets and collecting these Capitals players:

  • Dale Hunter, Peter Bondra, Chris Simon, and Olaf Kolzig.

Everything should be in my wantlist (I check on and update it periodically). I have Chrome products in my wantlist, but I'm not really seeking them out through trades. They are there so I don't pick up duplicates while searching through the bins at my local card shops. I'm interested more in the base sets for now.


Grading: I am not a card grader. If asked, I will grade a card based on the PSA standards and give fair assesment of a card's grade. I'm not insterested in obtaining cards to slab or sell and do not have any slabbed/graded cards. I'm just not that kind of collector.

Card Conditions: As many traders do, I get my cards from a variety of sources such as flea markets, garage sales, online lot sales, etc... I can't control the condition of these cards like I would if they were directly from my own collection. BUT, what I can do is openly communicate to a trading partner the condition of the cards they want. If there is a glaring defect on a card, I will let you know about it.

  • Pre-1980s: May have some minor corner wear. If there is a defect, like a crease or a thumbprint on the card, it will be noted in the description and that info passed to the trade partner.
  • Post-1980: All cards should be in Near Mint condition. Corner wear or other defects will be noted in the card description and I will pass that info on to the trade partner.

Card Variations: I try my best to accurately select card variations within the database. If you are a variation card collector and wish to know about a card, please ask and I will double-check that the variation is correct for you.

Fair Trades: I try to stick to era for era, popularity for popularity. If you're asking me for Hall of Famer cards, please offer up some Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Mike Mussina, Jim Palmer, etc... in return. If offering common cards for HoFs, please offer multiple commons for HoFs.

Pricing: I don't use the pricing on TCDB for card values. I research pricing on Sportslots, ComC, and eBay past sales for pricing. I'm not a "down-to-the-penny" trader. If cards are in the same price ballpark (pun intended), that's fine. "Value" is how much the card is worth to the trader, not the pricetag on it. Also, I don't sell cards.

Trade Sizes: I'm open for all sizes of trades. PWE (less than 24 cards): If the trade is less than 24 cards, I'm going to assume it is a PWE trade unless you note otherwise. I don't mind PWE trades if they are packed properly to protect the cards. I will do the same to ensure your cards get to you safely and I always pay the extra postage for non-machineable sorting. Larger Trades (more than 24 cards): I place larger trades in a soft plastic bubble-wrapped envelope with tracking. I always forward the tracking # to the trade partner.


  • Upload the missing images of cards I have in my collection to the TCDB site.
  • Reach 50 trades.✔️ COMPLETED ON 3-4-2022
  • Exceed 4,000 Orioles cards in my collection (I just went over the 3,000 card mark on 1-8-2022). ✔️ COMPLETED ON 3-2-2022. Exceeded 5,000 Orioles cards on 5-2-22. Exceeded 6,000 Orioles cards on 5-7-22.
  • Complete all of the Bowman base Orioles team sets in my collection (maybe not the 1954 and 1955 years... yet).
  • Exceed 800 Capitals cards in my collection (I'm currently at 643 on 1-8-22).
  • Make some more friends at the TCDB.

Thanks for stopping by! HAPPY COLLECTING!

Quote:   I am not an adventurer by choice, but by fate. - Vincent Van Gogh


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Star Wars

Coast Guard


Goals for 2022:

Complete 100 trades - 50 / 100

Send /receive 1,000 cards in trades - 464 / 435

✔️ Complete 1977 Topps set - received 16 / 16 needs 

✔️ Complete 1980 Topps set - received 10 / 10 needs 

Complete 1954-2021 Topps base Orioles - received 25 / 67 needs 

Increase Orioles collection to 11,000 cards - currently 10,428

Log all cards in my collection into TCDB

Log all trader cards into TCDB

Goals for 2021:

✔️ Complete 50 trades

✔️ Send /✔️ receive 500 cards in trades

✔️ Increase Orioles collection to 9,000 cards

✔️ Orioles collection rank top 5 on this site

Log all cards in my collection into TCDB

Log all trader cards into TCDB


Tim Castle

724 Spruce Hill Way

Charles Town, WV 25414



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