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Trading is back off as I complete a move.

My main collecting goal on TCDB is finishing my older incomplete sets.  Majority of those are older hockey including some junk wax era sets.  My wants listed here are all low-end.  I will also sell cards, starting at 5 cents.  Stars, rookie, inserts and more recent sets may be more.  Will discount for bulk buys.

My trade list on TCDB is incomplete.  Majority of my list are base cards.  I have not listed my insterts, parallels, jerseys, etc..  or other non-base.  I also have some early 80s that are in various condition.  If you have alot of my wantlist but I have little off of yours, send me a message if you collect certain players or teams and I can check my unlisted non-base to see of we have a match.

I prefer PWE trades within Canada and then the USA.  Any trades overseas will need to be big enough, or of value enough, to justify the shipping/handling.  

I use team bags with filler cards/cardboard, or 9 pocket pages.  If a trade is smaller, I will use a toploader, team bag and fillers/cardboard.  Unless the cards are of value, they will not get individual sleeves.  If I use sleeves, there may be multiple cards per sleeve.  If you strongly desire a bubble mailer, be sure to include it in the message of the trade offer.

I don't always respond to trade offers ASAP.  Sometimes I have other offers on the table that I am waiting on or need to think about a deal.  Sometimes I do the right thing and send a message, but usually I tend not to.  I will try to be better but apologies in advance anyways.  When a trade is accepted, my goal is to get the cards in the mail within 2 business days. 

I have a number of 79-80 and 80-81 OPC on my wantlist.  For those I am looking for excellent or above.  Fuzzy and slightly rounded corners are fine but I am not interested in creased cards, corners that are rounded like playing cards, or cards that have centering so bad that some of the card is off the card.  For the 80s cards I have listed, they are in VG/Ex or better.  If I wouldn't want to receive it in a trade, I don't list it.

I mention all of this so you know what to expect.  Also do onto others as you have done onto you, so I don't expect anything more than what I listed above.  I am pretty easy with packing, but I know some aren't.

I am also open to trading for starter sets for 1990s sets, in particular the 1994 Fleer Hockey.  Message me before proposing a transaction on those please.

I have a blog where I post custom cards - - if you see something you like I could trade a custom card.  They are fan art and a novelty item, don't expect them to be PSA 10s.

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Sets I have completed through TCDB Trades by Blargh
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1982-83 OPC Goalies by Blargh
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1983-84 OPC Goalies by Blargh
Last updated on Jun 27, 2020
1981-82 OPC Goalies by Blargh
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