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From:   La Crosse, WI, United States

I am not actively trading at this time.



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From:   Lexington, TX, United States

Set building. 

Anything Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Braves, & Texas Longhorns.


P.S. Please DO NOT send busted up cards (banged up corners and sides or markings beyond normal wear.) I DO NOT SEND out cards in that condition so I expect not to receive them in that condition, unless previously discussed. Thank you! 



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From:   100 Miles East of Montreal, Canada

I trade cards to build baseball, hockey, early 90's Canadian football and some non-sport sets, but I don't buy or sell cards. I also have a sweet spot for oddball / food issue / regional sets. New cards are regularly added to my FT/S list.

All the cards I list here are NRMT or EX unless specified and I expect the same of you. I don't collect micro-variations (dots, stars, copyright marks, holograms, printing plate codes...), they're not fun to search and I dislike the incessant frequency with which new ones are added. I do all my best to check all my cards and to keep my lists up to date, but please ask me first, if micro-variations matter to you. I am fine with shipping cards in single or multiple PWEs, if the cards are properly packaged and I don't mind large or small transactions, but I currently prefer trades with 10 to 20 cards going each way or at least that the cards carry more value than the postage.

Besides helping to complete our collections one step closer each time, the opportunity would be nice to have traded with all the states, provinces and territories of North America. On this site only, I traded with members in 45 states, D.C., 9 provinces, N.W.T. and overseas. I can't wait to have a trade in Alaska, Delaware, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Manitoba, Nunavut and Yukon. However, if you don't live in the above juridictions, you're still more than welcome to trade with me. At this time, I prefer to trade with members in Canada, U.S. and U.K. only.

I'm an easy going, helpful and patient guy, but here's now my turn to announce that my NO TRADE LIST is growing due to an increased lack of civility on the forums and the full site. If (1) you nitpick and/or always have an opinion on anything and/or act like you own the site and you're not Admin or (2) you do not respond to counters or decline without expressing a reason or don't PM me to ask more time after several days of wait or (3) you send me ridiculous off-balanced offers or (4) you accept the trade and you can't mail your cards in a timely manner or you send me loose or severly damaged cards or (5) have a brand new (empty) account without info / feedback and ask for valuable cards or (6) you clearly didn't read my profile (ask first, at least) and ask me to buy your cards or trade overseas or such things, then chances are that you just won a place on my NO TRADE LIST regardless of how much I may want what you have. I continue to enjoy trading cards, but all the reasons above and the lack of opting out of micro-variations (just a default / any var. / unverified option for each card) are eroding my desire to contribute here. Also, don't forget that international shipping is very easy, but costs are more for BOTH traders (not just from the U.S.). Meanwhile, keep on trading!

Tip to save on shipping costs to Canada: use PWEs (Plain White Envelopes) and avoid bubble envelopes, plastic boxes and big stacks of cards. Ship as flat as you can (cut 9 pocket pages in 3 rows and insert 4-5 cards in each pocket). The more it looks like a greeting card or documents mailed in a regular letter instead of a package, the more it tends to be cheaper to ship. Current U.S. to Canada first class postage rate (up to 2 oz) is $1.30 and if non-machinable, $1.60. If you don't have Global Forever stamps handy, three regular Forever stamps work as well. There's also no need to pay $14.25 for shipping with international tracking, because it is too expensive and Canada Post won't track your postal item anyway. Overall, postal service tends to be slower in Canada and at times a bit harder difficult to predict, but it is as reliable as in the U. S.. I usually ship the same or the next business day, but Canada Post doesn't pick up or deliver on Saturday and Sunday.




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From:   Fountain, Colorado, United States

I am suspending trades for awhile so I can re-input my collection and to correct some counting errors, but will be ready after that. 

Please do not submit trades.  

Hockey Cards one card all sets, Jason Pominville, All the Vault cards

Trying to acquire one card for every for every set, insert, parralle, minor, euro, team issue, oddball etc sets produced for Hockey. Been an interesting project.

Baseball Sets: Trying to complete the below listed sets lost in a divorce. 

1965 Topps

1974 Topps

1975 Topps

1976 Topps

1983 Topps

Hockey Sets: Trying to complete the below listed sets lost in a divorce. 

1965 Topps

1972 Topps

1974 Topps

1975 Topps

1976 Topps

4781/32,329 different sets so far for 14%.

1/1 Cards 27//_ _ _ _ different sets so far for 1%.

3710/44,005 different Hockey Players so far for 8%

Quote:   I deleted my collection for a massive re-organization. WHY did I do this. No trading yet. Gift Yes, I suspect some are going out :)


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New York Yankees, (especially Topps base)

Don Mattingly

Buffalo Sabres (especially old Topps base, Upper Deck base and OPC base)

Super Bowl era Buffalo Bills, especially Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Darryl Talley, Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, Steve Tasker and Cornelius Bennett.



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From:   Québec, Canada






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Just a high schooler aspiring to open my own sports card shop. Please send trades my way! I always read messages within a 12-hour radius, and always respond to every message. I only pretty much want cards that are in my wantlist unless I propose a trade to you saying otherwise. I primarily collect Basketball, Football and Baseball, but will dabble in MMA, Boxing and vintage Cartoon related cards

I accept Paypal, venmo, cashapp, and cash in the mail.

#1 Tre Jones collector on TCDB as of now!

If you want to contact me, 5053182062 or

Quote:   San Antonio Spurs anything.


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From:   United States

Still need to enter Starting Lineups.  I enjoy collecting autographs, tennis, basketball, football, Olympic sports, and baseball.  Non-sport cards in my "collection" could likely be available if there's something you're looking for.

Variation Opinion Section:

With 1987, 1989, 1990, & 1991 Donruss, I only want 1 copy of each card number (except checklists and Juan Gonzalez); I have recently tried to put the "for trade" ones in the right variation, but those are likely not 100% accurate.  Same for 1987 Topps Football, 1991 Topps Football, 1991 Bowman Football, 1992 Topps Kids, 1992 Stadium Club, 2006 Topps Total Football, 1992 Leaf (and Leaf Black Gold), 1992 Fleer, 1994 Topps, and most UD hologram backs.

With 1990 Topps Football, I would like both the disclaimer and non-disclaimer backs, so the variation is important and I have kept those "for trade" ones accurate.  1992 Donruss I just need the "factory set" numbering checklists so those variations are important.

With Brewers & Packers Police sets, I do not care which municipality the card is from, I just want 1 of each player.  I have not tried especially hard to put the "for trade" ones in the right variation, but if you'd like me to check specific ones, I'll do that.



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From:   Aston Twp, Pennsylvania, United States

ASTON, PA  19014-1214

Looking to build PHILLIES team sets, Complete Topps and Topps Heritage Sets. made trades from cards to a trade of 800 cards. I will trade with members in Canada & Austrailia, even worldwide.

I can not find  my SP cards to trade.   I misplaced all my SP in a box back in the spring.   I keep looking but can not locate them all

Quote:   “[Baseball] breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops.


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From:   Lansing, Michigan, United States

I've been collecting since 1984.  My mom graduated high school with Andre Dawson

I am a big Tigers fan, main collection is Miguel Cabrera.

Also Looking for:

Mike Trout

Ronald Acuna Jr.

Juan Soto

Bo Bichette

Fernando Tatis Jr.


Love the card collecting community on here too, so helpful, honest and generous!



Top 20 collector of Miguel Cabrera cards - currently #22 as of  4/26/22

Top 10 colllector of Bo Bichette cards - currently #2 as of 4/26/22

Top 10 collector of Juan Soto cards - currently #12 as of 4/26/22

Top 25 collector of Ronald Acuna Jr. - currently #25 as of  4/26/22

Top 20 Collector of Fernando Tatis Jr. - currently #21 as of 4/26/22

Top 20 Collector of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - currently #20 as of 4/26/22

Top 50 Collector of Mike Trout - currently #39 as of 4/26/22

Quote:   “When I was coming up, I just wanted to play baseball and I’m doing what I love to do most. How can I feel pressure doing what I love to do?” – Miguel Cabrera


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From:   Victoria, Texas, United States

Always looking to trade for Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Houston Oilers, Houston Astros and Chicago Blackhawks. Also baseball and football RCs. No trade is too small. If you don't match anything on my wantlist, send me a proposal anyway. I am sure I can find something I like.

Some other players I collect:

Andrew Shaw (Chicago Blackhawks)
Jerome Bettis

PWE Trades are preferred and welcomed.

I'm also interested in trading for comic books. My cards for your comics. Mostly interested in Marvel, Image, and DC, Batman in particular. But will take a look at others.

I post videos on YouTube of my trades and my collection, busting packs, etc. Take a look and leave me some feedback!



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From:   Clayton, Wisconsin, United States


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From:   LONGMONT, CO, United States

Trading for ONLY cards I need.    Nebraska Cornhusker Football players.    Will buy if the price is right.

Not trading/selling any of my PC cards.

Selling cheap  you name the cards and a fair price. I'm easy to work with.   I like getting cards to people for their PC.   

Like a lot of us here I have a lot of cards not listed.   Will try to list more players when asked to.

All sets that are listed here are for sale/trade.


Jim Budler

512 Mt. Evans St.

Longmont, CO.  80504



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From:   Fullerton, CA, United States

STARTING LINE UP UPDATE!!!! please read.I will not break apart the cards from figures. They are sold or traded together-ONLY! Shipping usps has gotten crazy. I will continue to trade figures, BUT--you will have to cover the 7.95$ shipping cost. (13.95$ for 2 figures)           

Prices for sale and trade are listed with card. Thank you for reading.

MARVEL/COMIC CARDS are Hot right now.  I am willing to trade them at current Beckett values. Not at the values listed on TCD. Yes, I would  sell them at a reduced price from Beckett value. Thank you.

I only collect FOOTBALL.

I am a CHICAGO BEARS collector.

I am willing, to trade out (or sell) my Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Racing, and Non-Sport for Football.

I am more interested in the condition of the card. My cards are in Mint, (except for the few older ones, which are noted.) I'd like the same in return.

I pride myself on good communication and I'd appreciate the same.

I do have MANY Starting Line-Up cards. BUT, they are still in the blister pack with the figure. I am willing to trade them (or sell) in complete form.

Thank you

Quote:   Just because I have cards in nice condition, and ask for the same in return. Doesn't make me an A**hole. It makes me honest.


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From:   Columbus , Ohio, United States

**Just looking to trade, not buy.**

Open to trades of all sizes. Willing to trade my modern cards for 80's and 90's cards.

Only trading PWE to Canada.


Set builder - 80s and '90s sets.

Also building these modern sets:

  • 2002 Topps 206
  • 2003 Topps 205
  • 2004 Topps Cracker Jack
  • 2009 Topps 206
  • Donruss Diamond Kings subsets 

Player collections - Chipper Jones and Dale Murphy 



Cards featuring players in Ohio State uniform. Rookie cards of players drafted from Ohio State. Any Larry Bird cards.


Quote:   I love to trade. If you see something you want on my trade list just send an offer, I’m always willing to make a trade work.


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From:   Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Looking to build up my Gretzky collection before retiring from collecting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I have something you want but don't have any cards to offer feel free to make me a money offer. I will sell anything I have on my sale trade list

I have just passed my 100th trade mark and it happened with a member from Florida. When getting closer to the 100 mark I thought to myself I want to do something with whomever it is that will be my 100th trader. Well it just so happens that this member is building sets and is working on the 1977 Topps football set so I've decided to offer or pay forward all of the cards I have of that set and to pay for the shipping cost. Just my way of saying thanks. If I ever reach the 200th trade mark I'm going to do the same thing again so keep the trades coming.

I can't believe I was able to make it to 200 trades but I did. The lucky trader that was my 200th is Ricky Bobby out of Ottawa Canada and I will be sending him a package this weekend. A mix of baseball and football cards that he has on his wantlist. To you Ricky Bobby a giant thanks for the trades we have put together and to all of the members I have traded with, many thanks. Not sure if I will make it to 300 trades but if I do we'll be doing this again. Cheers to everyone. 

To all the members -  I hope you are all doing well and being safe. 

Quote:   Love those around you. Life is too short.


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From:   Dayton, Ohio, United States

Always looking to trade or sell. If you don't have anything on my wantlist, please send over what you're interested in; I can usually find something that I'd trade for. Happy trading!



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From:   brewster, ohio, United States

just looking to turn my non steeler cards into steelers.  up for any size trade.  send a proposal and we'll go from there

for what its worth, i use the ebay "sold" listings including the shipping fees as my comps for trade value when necessary.  i do not use the prices listed here or any other price quide.



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From:   Dickson, Tennessee, United States

Looking to Return to the #1 Spot for Chris Sabo Collectors. I would love to trade for any Sabo I am missing. 

I also Collect Any and all Reds but mainly Gray, Votto, Stephenson




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From:   San Antonio, TX, United States

#1 JJ Watt Collector on TCDB

  • Houston Texans
    • JJ Watt
    • Deshaun Watson
    • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Houston Rockets
    • Hakeem Olajuwon
    • Clyde Drexler
    • Sir Charles Barkley 
    • James Harden
    • Russell Westbrook 
  • Houston Astros
    • Craig Biggio
    • Jeff Bagwell
    • Lance Berkman
    • Justin Verlander 
    • Jose Altuve
    • George Springer
    • Carlos Correa
    • Alex Bregman
    • Yordan Alvarez
    • Kyle Tucker
    • Yuli Gurriel
  • Houston Oilers
    • Warren Moon
  • University of Houston cards
  • Pete Maravich
  • Chris Mullin
  • Frank Thomas
  • Will Clark


Quote:   “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


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From:   Arkansas, United States

NFL Teams: Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, and St. Louis Rams.

NCAA Teams: Arkansas Razorbacks.

Baseball Teams: Tennessee Smokies.

Football Card Sets: Donruss/Playoff.

Quote:   Keep Pounding and Titan Up!


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From:   Anchorage, Alaska, United States

Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Blackhawks, Robin Yount, Rollie Fingers, Ryan Braun, Reggie Jackson, Brett Favre, Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, Christian Yelich, Dennis Eckersley, Gary Sheffield, Andre the Giant

Quote:   Does this smell funny?


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From:   Paducah, KY, United States

Since I'm starting to feel better, I'm open for a few trades. Please be patient with me, since I'm still moving at a turtle's pace, most days.

My most wanted teams and players are in bold.

Yankees refractors, relics, team sets, autos, and inserts. Select cards wanted from Gleyber Torres, Bernie Williams, Todd Helton, Buster Posey, Garret Anderson, Dave Parker, Mark McGwire, Jim Edmonds, Josh Donaldson, Bob Horner, Vladimir Guerrero Sr., Ernie Whitt, and Mike Cameron.

Football: Jerome Bettis, Marshall Faulk, RCs of former Tennessee Volunteers (especially Shawn Bryson and Al Wilson), a few RCs of former Southern Illinois Salukis, and some CFL cards.

Basketball: Joel Embiid and Steven Adams, but I'm very limited on what I accept.

Hockey: Dallas Stars, Ilya Kovalchuk, Martin Brodeur, foreign hockey cards, special edition hockey sets, almost anything unusual. I almost always stick to Ebay when dealing with hockey cards, but there are a few cards I'm looking out for on this site. Due to limited space, I'm trying to keep my hockey collection relatively small. If you have something that might pique my interest, just holler at me. You never know.

As a general rule, I'll trade almost anything for anything. The one certain exception is autographed cards. I only trade autos for autos of roughly equal value.

Ebay ID: darth1970



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From:   green bay, WI, United States

 COLLECT: For Enjoyment.. this is suppose to be Fun Relaxation. "No Soliciting to Buy"

4/15/22 Hi everyone. I'm going to take on a task of trying to collect as many football, baseball cards of these three years. 1977-79.  I want to put out a display at a future class reunion in 2023 . It will combine these 3 classes, 1977-79. 
I thought it would be cool to bring back the memories to all attendees of our childhood. Looking forward to many future trades. If anyone feels the need to contribute their damaged cards to this event, thank you. My address is listed in my profile. 
donn Bramer from Green Bay.. 

Any brand manufactured by Topps. Packers only.. Trade, trade, trade.. single trades are fine..  my older “ vintage” cards listed for trade are now image included on the link. What you see, is what you get. Learning the tools here , day by day.. 

2016 to future.. collecting SCORE, DONRUSS, Panini and Panini Contenders  LETS DO IT! Its fun going to the Mailbox in this Covid Era..

donn bramer

2382 remington rd
green bay wi 54302

Site User Manual links

 I don't mind getting PWE's any tme.. Save if you can..Packing your cards for mailing. Link

Quote:   whats the funnest thing about camping? Playing in the Dirt with insects..........


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From:   Ohio
Collects:   Football mostly. Teams:Denver Broncos, Columbus Blue Jackets and New Jersey Devils


Member Since:   1/18/2018
From:   North Andover, MA, United States

I’ve been collecting cards for over 46 years and have over 384,000 unique cards in my main collection, including some nice vintage stuff.  I collect older cards of the four major sports but lately I've been expanding to some more recent sets.  I'm primarily a Set Builder and I’m looking for other like-minded set builders to trade with.   I’ve accumulated tons of extra cards that I would like to trade away with almost 250,000 cards in my current For Trade list.  Big trades don't bother me. I have a huge Want List, so hopefully you have something I need.  Feel free to make me an offer. 

For Canadian Traders: It's expensive for me to trade across the border.  Going forward I would like to limit cross border trades to two (2) PWEs. That's about 54 standard-size cards.  Thanks.

For Anyone Outside US/Canada: The increased postal rates have made it impossible for me to trade outside North America cheaply.  So going forward I will have to decline trades from outside US/Canada.  Sorry about that.

Update on Donruss/Leaf * Variations and Upper Deck Holo Variations:
I can't guaranty the junk wax era Donruss/Leaf cards and the UD holo variations are listed with the correct variation.  Going forward I will no longer check the variations on these cards.  If you want these cards regardless of the variations, feel free to request them in the trade.  Howver, If you want a specific variation of these cards, I'm no longer your guy - please don't put them in the trade request.  For all other cards that have variations, I will contniue to check and make sure you get the correct one.

Note on Vintage Cards:
I have over 7,500 vintage cards listed for trade (I consider vintage to be 1977 or earlier).  For each card I've noted a condition grade and if you check closer, a note on each regarding any condition issues (be sure to select the correct one if multiple cards are shown).  Please note that I'm by no means a professional grader and if you're hyper-sensitive on card condition, please message me first and I'd be happy talk about it.  In exchange for these cards I have three priorities:

  • 1) similar vintage cards that I need (any sport)
  • 2) inserts for my 90s sets that I need (any sport)
  • 3) or non-junk era base cards that i need as a last resort (any sport)

Note on Card ConditionA card noted as Pr, Fr, Gd, or GdVg will have some obvious condition issues such as creasing, corner wear, or marks.  I would consider them place holders in a collection at best (I've listed them because some people do want place holders).  A VG card will usually be a clean card with some corner wear or a centering issue.  For me, VG would be the bare minimum for my personal collection.  EX will be nice sharp card and VgEx will be something just between VG and Ex, still a nice card with a small issue that prevents it from being EX.  NM in vintage is a tough find.

Quote:   Set collectors of the world.. UNITE !!!


Member Since:   8/14/2017
From:   United States

~Trading back on~ (dealing with a lot going on right now in life, my response time won't be as snappy as it usually is)

5 cards incoming is a minimum for trades, please! (Unless it's a higher value card)

Hot tip! You can save $1-2 per package on shipping costs by using

I collect everything Royals and Huskers (yes, even the "junk"). My trading goal/style is efficiency, so I'm looking to do 10-30 card trades for PWE (multiple PWEs is fine as well) and tracked packages for everything larger. If you have a good amount of cards I need, my preference is to trade for them all in one go instead of a few cards at a time. I work hard to condition note my cards if I don't find them close to Nrmt, so I ask that you do the same when we trade. Fair?

What you should expect in trading with me:

Accuracy: I will send exactly the cards you trade for, I strive for 100% every time, no missing cards, no wrong parallels, sorted in the same order TCDb organizes them so that you can quickly add them to your collection.
Detail: I will condition note cards that aren't close to Nrmt, no surprises!
Resolution: If I can't locate a requested card, I'll get you a suitable replacement right away.
Value: I deal in real-world value, not Beckett value, not TCDb value, etc, pricing is horrifically skewed for a zillion reasons with those sources. For the most part, we're not trading gold mines here, so just ballpark it and we'll go from there!

I try to keep my trade list stocked with a lot of inserts and parallels, so take a closer look if your wantlist is small! If you don't have cards I need in return, feel free to send me a purchase offer.

I will often propose quality for quantity trades, so if you are turned off by the card imbalance, we can adjust, everyone has different styles!

Alex Gordon and Jermaine Dye Supercollector. Check out my collection at

Also, don't ever work with Michael Deeter - aka 49ants. He deliberately damaged a 2400+ card purchase and scammed me out of 300+ cards. See thread:

TCDB Collecting Ranks:
Kansas City Royals: #1

Alex Gordon: #1
Jermaine Dye: #1
Salvador Perez: #1
Ken Harvey: #1
Danny Duffy: #1
Adalberto Mondesi: #1
Carlos Beltran: #1
Yordano Ventura: #1
Whit Merrifield: #2
Mike Sweeney: #2
Darin Erstad: #3
Bo Jackson: #6
George Brett: #8



Member Since:   9/24/2014
From:   Madison Heights, VA, United States

I am mainly selling at this time, I am going to be retiring soon and may end up moving. If anyone is intersted in purchasing my entire collection please let me know. Thank you.



Member Since:   10/24/2013
From:   Graniteville, South Carolina, United States

philadelphia flyers hockey. Players with the last name Chamberlain 



Member Since:   11/3/2020
From:   Michigan , United States


Pittsburgh pirates cards(Barry bonds, Andrew mccutchen all teams they have played for)

And I am trying to complete my topps football and baseball sets first from the 1970's and early 1980's before anything else right now.

               still trying to load cards in the data base for trade have lots to go through yet.








         Only trading for cards that i have on my want list thank you.




Quote:   Happy collecting


Member Since:   9/17/2017
From:   Imperial, MO, United States



I collect football cards and wrestling cards.  I'm currently trying to work on a full run of Topps football sets from 1956 through 2015, a full run of Score football sets 1989 through the current year and completing a WWE wrestling set each year.



Member Since:   3/24/2015
From:   Oak Lawn, Illinois, United States

Chicago Blackhawks, Doug Wilson Hockey, Chicago Bears Older, Notre Dame Football in their college jerseys, Chicago White Sox pre-85 and new especially Jimenez, Robert, Vaughn etc... Check out my E-bay store.  

Quote:   You gotta believe in something, or you'll fall for anything


Member Since:   12/17/2018
From:   Las Vegas, NV, United States

Seattle Seahawks.

Willing to consider to possibly trading/selling some cards not listed on my For Sale/Trade list!



Member Since:   11/15/2020
From:   Minnesota, United States

I've been a baseball collector since the late 80's and love to trade.  I am primarily a set collector and belong to several online trading clubs.  My never ending goal is to collect all the regular issued Topps cards from 1952 to present.

My main collecting interests are vintage cards,  Minnesota Twins,  a few newer sets and Bert Blyleven.

Vintage sets:  1952 Topps, 1953 Topps, 1954 Bowman, 1954 Topps,  1955 Topps,  1956 Topps,  1957 Topps,  1963 Topps,  1967 Topps

Newer sets: 1991 Stadium Club, 1995 Stadium Club, 1996 Ultra,  2004 Donruss,  2005 Donruss,  2018 Bowman Draft and 2020 Stadium Club.



Member Since:   9/20/2021
From:   Glen Ellyn, IL, United States

Recently went through all 14,000+ Baseball, Football, and Basketball cards. They sat untouched either in original set boxes or 9 card plastic sleeves for over 20 years. I may want to complete some baseball sets. Mainly looking to sell as my hobbies have changed though I am open to trades to complete some sets. I have complete sets for sale.

Complete sets for sale



Member Since:   1/1/2015
From:   Three Oaks, Michigan, United States

Collections I maintain, in no particular order:

  • Teams
    • Cincinnati Reds
    • Clinton Lumberkings/Giants/Dodgers/Pilots
    • Army Black Knights (all sports)
  • Players
    • Shawn Green
    • Buster Posey
    • Matt Mantei
    • Jeff Peterek
    • Ralf Mojsiejenko
    • Joique Bell
    • Dan LeFevour
    • Pat Tillman
    • Chadd Blasko
  • Sets
    • Tobacco/Pre-war
      • Current project: 1909-12 T-51 Murad
    • Baseball
      • Current projects: 1988 Fleer and 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack
    • NASCAR
      • Current projects: 2014 Panini Prizm, 2007 Traks (base complete) and 2012 Press Pass Ignite
    • Modern non-sport
      • Current project: 2014 Panini Country Music (base complete)
    • Vintage non-sport
      • Current project: 1962 Topps Civil War News
  • Others
    • Any NASCAR
    • PSA-graded Hall of Famers (baseball primarily, but also football)
      • Any card of a member in the Hall of Fame, any condition - just graded by PSA
    • Any other pre-1965 graded baseball
      • Any condition, preferrably PSA; primarily looking for cheap, low-grade commons
    • Any other pre-1970 graded football
      • Any condition, preferrably PSA; primarily looking for cheap, low-grade commons

Anything that isn't on this list that currently resides in my collection is going to be removed, either through PIFs here (1st priority) or hopefully listed on COMC (2nd priority - check out my store here). I'm not terribly interested in trading, as I don't move very fast when pulling trades. However, if I'm looking for something specific and notice you have it FS/T, I may reach out to try and make an offer. I don't expect to receive any proposals, and would rather send someone a few cards from their wantlist and get nothing in return than try to hash out a deal.

I do have cards listed FS/T; they are available via COMC, listed in my "COMC" collection, and can be accessed by following the External Sales Link on those cards. I don't have them in my possession, so I can't do a trade with you. However, I want to see these cards go to people who really want them. If you see something you like, send me a message on here and let me know - the price will come down, and I'll even take a bit of a loss to get you cards for your collection.

My wantlist is turned off, as I primarily plan to use it to track my collection. If you want to send me a PIF, I truly appreciate it, and would prefer that you ask me what I'm looking for from the above lists. Surprises are great, but if you're feeling that generous, I don't want you to waste a stamp, or time pulling stuff I already have.



Member Since:   11/23/2012
From:   Iowa, United States

Baseball: Complete Sets, Topps Base and Archives, New York Yankees.
Football: Topps 1969-1974 & 1972 Sunoco
Basketball: Topps 1969-1972
Hockey: Topps 1972-73: (I only need 12 cards from this set, with 55 cards for trade)


  1. pre-1960 Topps baseball
  2. 1960-1969 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  3. 1995-2009 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  4. Everything else

If you don't have anything on my wantlist, try offering some of these:

  • New York Yankees: any card not in my collection
  • Complete Baseball Sets: any complete baseball set I don't have in my collection. I like the junk-era small sets and Topps mail-in sets.





Quote:   Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. - Babe Ruth


Member Since:   11/23/2012
From:   Iowa, United States

Baseball: Complete Sets, Topps Base and Archives, New York Yankees.
Football: Topps 1969-1974 & 1972 Sunoco
Basketball: Topps 1969-1972
Hockey: Topps 1972-73: (I only need 12 cards from this set, with 55 cards for trade)


  1. pre-1960 Topps baseball
  2. 1960-1969 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  3. 1995-2009 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  4. Everything else

If you don't have anything on my wantlist, try offering some of these:

  • New York Yankees: any card not in my collection
  • Complete Baseball Sets: any complete baseball set I don't have in my collection. I like the junk-era small sets and Topps mail-in sets.





Quote:   Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. - Babe Ruth


Member Since:   3/19/2013
From:   Chicago, United States

Mainly Barry Sanders cards I don't have and Football RCs. However, I'll collect whatever sparks my interest at the time....

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PROPOSE A TRADE......I know there's not too much on my want list, but I will usually find something off a FS/T list, so I'm pretty certain we can work out a deal. 

As far as condition goes: My modern cards are in NM/MT or better, or pack pulled condition. If there is an issue with the card, it will be specified....NO SURPRISES. Obviously, the older the card, the condition will vary and be specified as well.



Quote:   “My trading doors are always open...Lets do some biz!”


Member Since:   9/19/2018
From:   United States

Trading: PWE shipping, will use multiple envelopes if needed. 

My collection is one that sparks joy to me. I have no rhythm or reason to it, each card brought joy to me and so it was added to the collection. My want list is cards that spark joy for me. My Want List is being re added to and will grow greatly over the next few weeks/months.  

This hobby is my saving grace! I found it as a way to help my anxiety and the friendships I have made in this hobby are amazing! I truly appreciate everyone in this hobby!

I look forward to doing lots of trades here and getting these cards in your mailbox and collection where they belong!

One of my binder projects is a Topps Twins project and am mainly needing the vintage now, I am happy to add cards with character aka poor condition for the vintage cards. This project is to tell the story of the decades and what better way than to have character to the cards. That's for the vintage, I don't want 1990s cards that are rounded edges and ripped up. 

My collection is valued at how much I'm smiling at the end of the day :) 

Quote:   Building my dream PC one card at a time by cards sparking joy to me :) because that's what the hobby is all about!


Member Since:   7/15/2015
From:   W-S, NC, United States


5/30/22 update: getting closer to being back in the trade game, sorry for the delays, still adding quite a few traders 

Baseball -  Topps and Topps Heritage set builder, multiple individual player PCs

Football -set builder & all current and former Miami Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Panthers 

I have a unique work schedule that keeps me away from the card room at times but I try to communicate regularly in regards to where I stand during transactions




Member Since:   1/20/2020
From:   Casa Grande, Az

Football ONLY- in the years up to and including 1999 only.    I enjoy the Contests, Crash The Game cards, Sweepstakes, Trade In cards, Games, Ballots, etc.



If our trade includes Any Variation or Error cards, I will NOT ship until I receive and verify the card/s.  If this is NOT acceptable then please Withdraw or Delete the Transaction.  I have been shipping out B. Sanders, D. Marino, B. Favre, etc cards and receiving WRONG crap back.  Sorry, if this upsets you, I am tired of trading premium cards for cheap junk.


GOLF-  1981 Donruss for Trade (the word "Donruss" is Nowhere on the card).  Looks like older Topps.  Excl condition.  Will trade for football ONLY.  Aug-   I added a hoard of golf- mostly 2001, and yes, TIGER is included.


NOTE:  ALL early Topps are graded a 7 out of 10 or Above (by amateur me), unless otherwise stated.  That includes the frequent Topps "Off-center" cutting. Most Vintage cards have been posted with condition info.  Please watch the Grading info.   IF yours aren't marked with any condition notes, and aren't AT LEAST a 7, are you willing to take them back?  If NOT, don't send them!!!



Member Since:   10/31/2020
From:   Anchorage, Alaska, United States


I am the proud owner of tons of Sports and Non-Sports Cards.  I was gifted them by many people who were moving and didn't want to take them along.  They have been sitting for years and I think it is time they get into the hands of people who will appreciate them, care for them and pass them along to their kids and grandkids. I have thousands of cards, most have been kept in binders and card protectors.  I am enjoying going through them and appreciate this site for helping me keep them all organized! 

I realize I am new to this site, but I am a very trusted online seller.  On Poshmark (@my3kids07), I have over 105,000 followers and have a 5star record for shipping fast and completing my orders. I also sell on Mercari (@classiccloset).

I am new to listing trading cards and am trying my best to match what I have to items in this catalog. I am open to making great deals with those searching for the cards I have in my collection.  I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Shipping: From Alaska: Flat Rate of $5.00  added to all purchases. 

Cards sent in Individual Card Protectors. Large orders put in Binder pages upon request. 

Accept: PayPal and VENMO



Quote:   Preserve history and share with the future....


Member Since:   1/10/2021
From:   Hillsboro, OR, United States

I have a bunch of used toploaders I would be happy to sell/trade if anyone is wanting some.  Very affordable...I just need them gone!  Make an offer and I'm likely to accept!


Now the #1 collector of Ryan Klesko cards on TCDB!  With more to come!

PC: Ryan Klesko, Dale Murphy, Dave Winfield, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Conforto, Adley Rutschman, Nick Madrigal, Trevor Larnach, Cadyn Grenier, Drew Rasmussen, Gary Payton II, some rookie/early Bo Jackson, rookie/early/unique Eric Lindros, rookie/early Junior Seau. Looking for any Oregon State Univ alum in OSU or Team USA gear (AC Green, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Jacoby Ellsbury, Steven Jackson, Gary Payton, Nick Barnett, Matt Moore, Ochocinco/Chad Johnson, Sean Mannion, Johnny Hekker, Darwin Barney, etc).

PLEASE SEND TRADE OFFERS.  It's my favorite part of the hobby.  Always willing to negotiate a good deal for both sides.  One card, or 10+ cards.  I'm fine with any size.

I do NOT collect/keep any other cards of any other players/teams.  If the card isn't a unique card to me of one of my guys above, it's not something I will keep.  I don't want duplicates either.  I'll trade it or sell it if it's something I think I can move; otherwise, no thanks.  But I DO want any card of any of my PC guys if I don't already have it.  My trade/sell and want/wish lists are updated, so if it's not on those lists, it's highly unlikely that I'm interested in it, or I already own it.

Fan of: all OSU sports, Braves, Red Sox, Blazers, Chargers, Flyers, Timbers, Tottenham FC.

Goal for VINTAGE ONLY CARDS (condition NOT very important...just no rips/tears, no writing on the front...some creases ok): Hank Aaron (preferably in a Milwaukie uniform, but not required), Mickey Mantle pre-1965 (earlier the better), Babe Ruth any year, Joe DiMaggio any year, Ted Williams pre-1955, Jackie Robinson any year and Stan Musial pre-1958.  Prefer to stay as cheap as possible, but for the right card might go a little higher...obviously Mantle and those guys would be more.  Again, condition I know won't be great at these prices.  But I have a Roberto Clemente, Bob Gibson, Ernie Banks, Sandy Koufax and a Willie Mays at these levels, and a few of Ted Williams, that I'm very happy with.

  • I will typcially send cards via PWE unless the quantity is above 20 and then I will send BMWT.  If you wish a smaller trade to be sent BMWT, please adjust the trade accordingly. 

TCDB rankings as of 3/8/22:

Murphy (11th), Klesko (1st), Winfield (6th), Conforto (1st), Madrigal (2nd), Rutschman (1st), Yovan (1st), Larnach (1st), Grenier (1st), Drew Rasmussen (2nd), D. Wilkins (3rd), S Jackson (106th), Gary Payton II (1st), Jacquizz Rodgers (14th).

VERY willing to trade/negotiate.  I live to trade...send me all trade requests!  Would prefer trades to purchases, although I know my PC is pretty limited in the grand scheme of things.  Just getting back to the hobby after approx 30 years out of it, and about 17 years after selling off 99% of it to pay for our wedding.  I forgot how much I loved it!

Quote:   "Let's play two!"


Member Since:   10/28/2017
From:   United States

Mostly Baseball, but a little bit of everything.

Quote:   Shutting off trades until I can get caught up on current offers


Member Since:   3/15/2018
From:   Marietta , Georgia , United States

Update: I will be out of town due to a business trip from June 18-28. Any cards that I have received during this time will be updated after June 28.


Update: August 2, 2021. I have turned on trading but please message me before. I have several cards on my wantlist that I am no longer pursing but haven't gotten to removing. 


Update May 25, 2021. I have had to turn off my trading for the time being. I have a few trades that I am finishing up but that is it for the time being. I have had a few things in life happen recently and cards are not high on the list.


I am slowly updating my for sale trade list as well as my want list I decided in February 2021 to start purging certain parts of my collection. I am keeping a few junk era sets and trying to complete a few other sets. As well as anything on my wantlist which I am updating as well.

Georgia Bulldogs Rookies (football)

Atlanta Falcons rookies

Atlanta Braves rookies

Other rookies

Interesting cards, Inserts, Variations, SP



Member Since:   3/19/2021
From:   Chesterfield, Michigan, United States

Hello: I joined this site in March 2021. I'm still putting my cards that I have into this website. I'm still organizing all my cards so it will take me some time to input them into this web site. I'm willing to make a trade if I need cards to complete a set.

The trades that I have done have gone very smoothly. The trades I've made so far have been PWE (Plain White Envelope) shipping. 

I'm a set builder:

If you are a buyer check out my "For Sale Only Cards". All the cards in this collection are for sale. I'm still organizing my cards to put in this collection. The following complete sets are for sale:

1988 Donruss - Stan Musial Puzzle

1989 Donruss - Warren Spahn Puzzle

1992 Donruss - Rod Carew Puzzle

1991 Upper Deck - Baseball Heroes: Nolan Ryan

1991 Upper Deck - Team Logo Holograms

2007 Topps -All Stars

Down the road I'm looking to sell all my cards. At my age (late 60's) it's about the that time to sell all my cards. Hopefully there are people on this site that buys cards.

Have a great day. 



Member Since:   1/25/2016
From:   New York, United States

I'm a player, team, and set collector. My favorite players are Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre. As you probably can tell by my favorite players, my favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. As far as set collecting, I have two significant reasons for wanting to collect a set: 1.) I like the artistry and design of the cards. 2.) The amount I have left to complete set after purchasing an unopened box or a lot. For example, if I purchase a lot of cards, and get at least 75% of a base set, I'll put the rest on my want list. Additionally, I have become interested in collecting parallel sets--mostly the green ones. I completed my first parallel set--the 2016 Prestige Football Green Xtra-Points set--in the summer of 2020 and now have been concentrating on 2014 Prizm Football Green Prizm set (one more to go!). See below for my current progress and TCDB links for what I'm actively working on collecting now:

Quote:   It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. ~Vince Lombardi


Member Since:   1/23/2017
From:   LeMars, IA, United States

CURRENTLY NOT TRADING, JUST TOO BUSY WITH WORK BUT HOPEFULLY THIS WINTER I CAN GET BACK INTO IT. Set builder for baseball, football, and basketball. PC Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Iowa players. I am going to cut back on trading star players for common set fillers, even if the trade is equal number of cards, so don't be offended if you propose one and I decline it. If anyone wants to swap duplicate or starter sets send me a message and I can get you a list of my extra sets. I do most trades in a PWE unless it gets into a higher value trade, if you want them sent a different way you have to let me know when proposing or accepting the trade. Sometimes I turn trading off if I get busy with work and don't feel like I'm able to respond to trades in a timely manner. If trading is off, you can send me a message if you see something you want as long as you're not worried about it taking me four or five days to get my end put together.



Member Since:   9/8/2018

Football, baseball, basketball,hockey, wrestling and my PC is Andre Reed and Andrew luck and bills and also don' mattingly

Quote:   Please be patient with me. I sometimes can't get to the post office. As my schedule clashed with the post office schedule


Member Since:   9/13/2020
From:   Toronto, ON, Canada

i collect just about anything trading card related, open to trades. I'm always updateing my collection feel free to message me.


Nate2021 on





Member Since:   4/22/2020
From:   Kansas City , Missouri, United States

Trying my hardest to finish the 2004 MLB Showdown! 

My son and I actually still play this game

Love the Eagles and Phillies!

PC: Luis Robert, Ronald Acuna, Juan Soto and Yordan Alvarez 

Favorite players : Mike Schmidt, Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins

If you are looking for a card that I have from 1986 or before, it might not be in MT or NRMT condition. I played with these cards as a kid so some of them might have some scuffed or bent corners. I tried to take out all the bad ones, but some could have slipped through. Before I trade any of those I will look at them first and communicate before sending them out. Please don't hesitate to ask about the condition of them, thanks.

Quote:   Life is like a pack of cards. You never know what you're gonna get. Fly Eagles Fly!


Member Since:   7/25/2019
From:   League City, TX, United States

Finally after a trip to Michigan and nine (9) months of redoing, updating, and revamping my collection, everything is in order!

Available for sale! Football is getting uploaded periodically as well. If you have a player from the 90s you are looking for in football I can make a special search as well. I have no desire to keep football so they are all up for grabs. I will update my "Wants" list in the future; however, PayPal is always accepted - we can negotiate pricing and postage depending on how much and how many cards.

If you can see the names of collections please ignore "Rob's Collection." I was helping a buddy of mine and none of those should be available for trade or anything.

I prefer baseball, but depending on what the cards are I do enjoy basketball. I will update the "Wants" as time goes on with basketball and baseball alike.


Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Expos, Detroit Pistons

PC: Lou Whitaker & A.J. Puk, Grant Hill, Tayshaun Prince

Again, please focus on "Collection Updated" only because the other collections are either not updated or a friend of mine's.



Member Since:   6/29/2016
From:   Carmichael, CA, United States
Quote:   Keep on keepin' on


Member Since:   6/10/2018
From:   CA, United States

Selling entire collection. All cards guaranteed to be in excellent-near mint condition. No creases. No noticeable scratches. Very few have a soft corner.  Offers / counter offers welcomed. As for the variations in 1990 Donruss I will send whichever one I have without regards to variations. If you want to know about a particular card ask and I will check.

Also I have about 30 unopened packs of 1990 Donruss for sale. $1 ea, 3 pks- $2, 5 pks- $3

To all those who have purchased cards from me- 

Thank you for all the advice, support, and patience!


RJ Smith

Member Since:   6/4/2018

Baseball - Football - Hockey

Quote:   “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” ― Bernard M. Baruch


Member Since:   4/17/2019
From:   Ilion, New York, United States

Looking for more Barry cards to add to my collection. Interested in trading or buying.  Let me know what you have.

 Thank you!


Shaw Racing

Member Since:   2/2/2019
From:   GRAND VALLEY, ON, Canada

We are back, And wow. Over 20+ trades waiting.. If you don't mind waiting then please send trades. Love the trading spirit of the site. Jeff


I am back trading  Life decided to get in the way but will keep trading to keep everything as fun as possible for my sons and I. They both help me with trades as to help with home schooling and cause we enjoy spending time and doing it together. Bright spot of the day is when trade comes in so they can pull the cards and help verify the condition and if the count is correct.


My 11 yr old son has got my passion back, looking for pretty much everything and have many duplicates that I hope you can use. Check back often as I buy and trade a lot. I am not opposed to any "FAIR" trade.

PWE's welcome

Fav teams:

Football - Packers & Raiders

Baseball - White Sox & Blue Jays

Hockey - Red Wings & Maple Leafs

Basketball - Raptors & Lakers

Nascar - JGR & really any!!!

Soccer - TFC & Man U

  Any Racing.

Fav players:

Football : All time : Bo Jackson & Reggie White            Now : Tom Brady & Odell Beckham jr.

Baseball : All Time : Frank Thomas & Cal Ripken jr      Now : Bo Bichette & Josh Donaldson

Hockey : All Time : Steve Yzerman & Ron Hextall        Now : Mitch Marner & John Tavares

Basketball : All Time : Magic Johnson & Steve Nash    Now  : Kyle Lowry & Pascal Siakam 

Nascar : All Time : Alan Kulwicki & Darrell Waltrip        Now :  Martin Truex & Kyle Busch

Soccer : All Time : Pele &  Lionel Messi                        Now : Sebastian Giovinco & Michael Bradley

Women's Soccer : All Time : Hope Solo & Mia Hamm   Now : Christine Sinclair & Ada Hegerberg

Women's Hockey : All Time : Cassie Cambell & Manon Rheaume Now : Kendall Coyne & Hayley Wickenheiser

Non Sport : All TIme : Marvel & DC                               Now : Marvel & DC

My son has deciding we are collecting any/ All Marvel D.C. and other comic cards

Jeff Shaw,  

66 Amaranth Street.E.

Grand Valley. Ontario.

Canada. L9W 5L2

Quote:   if it feels good do it twice

Shawn's Doubles

Member Since:   2/3/2019
From:   Wilkes-Barre, PA, United States
Quote:   I'm sad to say that after i finish playing catch up i have to make a new account my gmail has been comprised i hope to see you all again soon


Member Since:   3/22/2015
From:   Illinois, United States

All the colors of the rainbow.

Quote:   Kill off all of my demons and my angels might die too. | QOQ


Member Since:   11/29/2014
From:   Leola, PA, United States

Idk. Kind of whatever. 

finally, slowly, open for trades



Member Since:   12/14/2014
From:   Browns Summit, NC, United States

NO PWEs EVER! I won't send them and won't accept them. BM's or higher only. Always willing to sell cards, so PM me if you want to buy some cards for a good price.

MLB - St. Louis Cardinals; NFL - Panthers/Packers/Patriots; NASCAR - Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, Bubba Wallace, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Davey Allison, Ricky Rudd, Jennifer Jo Cobb

Quote:   ANY 1991 Topps MLB cards listed as Gd are actually NmMt glowback variations!


Member Since:   11/10/2019
From:   Marinette, WI, United States

Mainly vintage.  Prefer 70s to mid 80s.  Mostly baseball, but also football and basketball.  Trading inserts and doubles for my needs,  I also collect Don Money, Frank Tanana, Bill Madlock, Bobby Murcer, Manny Trillo, Brad Komminsk, Dave Baldwin, Jim Adducci, Ken & Bob Forsch, Rick & Paul Reuschel, Al Oliver, Claudell Washington, Pedro Garcia, Tom Hausman, Erik Kratz, Haven Moses, Willie Buchanon and many others!  

Special obsession with 70s Hostess!

Recent interests: 

O-Pee-Chee Baseball 

1992-93 Topps Archives Basketball

1987-88 Fleer Basketball 

2003 Topps Record Breakers

2005 Topps All-American Football 

Fan Favorite Baseball & Football

1984 Donruss 

Burger King Baseball

Favorite teams include the Brewers, Bucks, Packers and Badgers.

Would like to trade for Brewer parallels.

I'd like to trade base for base, if possible.  Vintage for vintage, again if possible.





Member Since:   10/2/2016
From:   Katy, Texas, United States

****Taking an indefinite break from trading while organizing and fine tuning Want List which in turn should increase my Trade List with some big names****

I accept lesser quality vintage (1979 and older) in trade. Creases, rounded or fuzzy corners, and wax stains are okay. Other issues such as paper loss, tears, or markings will depend on how it affects the card. I may ask for a scan.

Consider my vintage traders on a Bell Curve with the majority at Gd/Vg. However, I'm not a grader and have no confidence in grading professionally so scans will always be provided on questionable ones based on your condition demands. I'M WORKING TOWARD LOGGING ALL VINTAGE WITH ISSUES, SO IF THEY'RE ALREADY GRADED, THEN THERE'S SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT ENOUGH TO BE IDENTIFIED AS SUCH.

I try hard to be fair, and honestly try to balance a deal based on a system of common-for-common, star-for-star, HOFer-for-HOFer regardless of era, BUT will RARELY value a modern card over vintage. IF you seek a trade for vintage by offering modern the starting point will be a strict ratio of 10:1 modern for vintage in most cases. Feel free to apply that to me, too.

The coupling of President Brandon's economy and PayPal's change in international mailing has caused me to limit international mailings above 2 oz to once a week because I must go out of my way to a postal kiosk. It will not deter my international trading which accounts for 30% of my trades, but it will delay mailing at times.

Check out my One-and-Done Lists below and IF I'm able I'll throw in extra for helping complete those particular sets.

I'm an easy going guy and believe in countering offers (and expect them in return, too). I know that sometimes we're focused on certain sets, players, or teams and if the trade doesn't include ALL our matches, I tend to look for the most unique matches to maximize a trade. I welcome you to counter, too, as I don't claim to be a mind reader.

I use the NO TRADE LIST for what I consider a lack of civility. That includes offers or counters that garner no response and sit for days, declined trades without an explanation, and unsolicited sales offers.

My priorities are these and they must be part of an offer for me to consider trades involving less than 18-cards each way:

  • Any vintage want (1979 or older) from any sport
  • Any wax box cards
  • Any food issues
  • Any vintage/modern "parallels" such as Deckle Edge, Scratch-Offs, Booklets, etc.
  • Any Collect-a-Books from the various sports
  • Any of these modern sets
    • 1999 Upper Deck Ovation (Baseball)
    • 2004 Topps Cracker Jack (Baseball)
    • New Age Performers series (Baseball)

Due to retirement I'm on a limited income and keep a strict budget so I trade mainly using PWEs and if a larger trade can be done cheaper using multiple PWEs, then I'll go that route.


Brandon Lied about Son

Women's Sports Threatened

Difference between MLK and BLM

More Character than LBJ

MLB and Manfred's Bias

Quote:   Word Jumble: bidenkamalasorrospelosiaocabccbsnbcpbscnnmsnbcbigtech Solution: Pravda


Member Since:   11/2/2021
From:   Chicago, Ilinois, United States

Looking to build out Topps sets, starting with mid to late Seventies, Eighties and early Nineties..  Collected back in the early to mid seventies as a kid, then lost interest in high school (girls!).  Back to it in the mid-80s and sporadically since.  Interested mostly in trading but may also entertain offers to buy all non-Topps cards (Donruss, Fleer, etc.)


Grew up in upstate New York as a Mets fan but have lived in Chicago since the early Eighties and now a fan of both the Cubs and White Sox (yes, you can root for both - I just want winning baseball in the Chicago!)


6/25/2022 - on vacation so pausing trading.  Will be back at it next month.  Thanks.



Member Since:   5/9/2020
From:   Grand Island, NE, United States

Football only except Andre Dawson. JJ Watt. Hall of Fame Members. 1st Topps cards of HOF Members.

On football cards to trade/sell the grade if not noted is: 1980 to present - NM or better, 1979 - EX or better, 1970 to 1978 - wide range, Pre 1970 - I try to indicate grade on each card.

I have quite a bit of baseball prior to 1993 but do not follow or collect anymore except Dawson. All my non-Dawson cards are for trade/sell but have few entered into the database (and really would rather not enter them). Let me know if you would want to trade and I can check out your want list.

I would trade a flat rate box filled with baseball cards for your flat rate box filled with football cards.



Member Since:   3/29/2020
From:   Ault, CO, United States

Collects: NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, and College Basketball cards from the 2000's to present. 

Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockies, and Colorado Buffaloes.

I'm a set collector, so I accept all kinds of trades. I love trading so send me smaller or larger trade request.



Member Since:   8/27/2015
From:   South Burlington, Vermont, United States

I am first and foremost a set builder, though I'm always happy to get cards from my favorite players and teams.

I prefer to work on 1 or 2 large trades at a time, but will entertain smaller offers.

I do a pretty good job of keeping up with the VAR's, but I am sometimes behind on the most up-to-date ones.



Member Since:   8/25/2016
From:   St. Ansgar, Iowa, United States

anything football, mainly base sets and paralels, Dan Marino, Iowa Hawkeyes, Northern Iowa Panthers, Lets Put the Trade back in Trading card!

the bigger trade the better, but i also do plenty of PWE, if you see something i have that you want but don't match up on my wantlist, just let me know i can always add more to my wantlist, anyting 18 cards or less will be PWE unless requested

if your looking specifically for some certain variations, please let me know as a lot of my stuff as added before before the variations were made part of the main checklist

I've been contemplating not collecting insert cards anymore, but not  ready to pull the plug yet, but if there is  an insert your intersted in  id  probably be willing to let them go

Top 10 site Marino Collector

Top 20 site football Collector



Member Since:   2/6/2013
From:   Lafayette, CO, United States

I work nights so some trades may take a little longer to do.
Mondays seem to be the best days for trading.

  • Detroit Tigers,
  • San Francisco 49ers 
  • Colorado Rockies 
  • Denver Broncos
  • LA Lakers
  • Denver Nuggets


  • Alan Trammell
  • Todd Helton
  • Scott Rolen
  • Joe Montana
  • John Stockton
  • Nick Van Exel
  • Eddie Jones
  • Jerry Rice
  • Pat Garrity
  • Cecil Fielder
  • Wally Joyner
  • Terry Steinbach
  • Errict Rhett
  • Natrone Means
  • William Floyd
  • Christian Laettner
  • Chris Webber
  • Kirk Gibson
  • Al Kaline
  • Lance Parrish
  • Matt Williams
  • Steve Young
  • Don Beebe
  • Payton Manning
  • Dwight Clark
  • Alex English
  • Walter Davis
  • Will Clark
  • Marquis Grissom
  • Howard Johnson
  • Lou Whitaker
  • Jack Morris
  • Dave Parker
  • Jim Rice
  • Ronnie Lott
  • Haywood Jeffries
  • James Lofton
  • Glenn Robinson
  • Michael Finley
  • Derrick Alexander
  • Napoleon Kaufman
  • Rick Mirer
  • Jake Plummer
  • Mike Alstott
  • Glen Rice
  • Jamal Mashburn


Member Since:   9/9/2019
From:   United States

set builder.....also collect  cards of players that played their college years at wisconson and the state colleges in the wisconsin system......


Uncorrected Error

Member Since:   5/24/2019
From:   San Diego, California, United States

Trades only please. No buying or selling.    

I make a lot of trades through counter offers, as I've given up on maintaining a complete Want List. 


The projects I'm focused on currently:

Baseball:  Team pages and a 360-card frankenset.

Basketball:  A 180-card frankenset.

Football:  Team pages and a 360-card frankenset.

Hockey:  A 180-card frankenset. 


Don't be a jerk.  

Quote:   I died in a dream.


Member Since:   4/30/2020
From:   Astoria, New york, United States

I am trying to sell off most or all of my collection. I have Monster boxes of 90's-2000 baseball. I have some Football basketball and hockey. 80%baseball. 10%Football 5% BK 5%Hockey. I have to much to list.  If anyone needs specific players or teams let me know. I have some high end stuff too. 

Just trying to collect Darryl Strawberry Rookies or High end Strawberry cards now.

Quote:   The "Straw" that stirs the drink was coined for Reggie Jackson, but for me that will always be Darryl.


Member Since:   12/1/2012
From:   New York, United States

Priority of my want lists:
1 - Any and all Phillies cards (almost anything not in my collection is a "want")
2 - Various set ventures (baseball - 1972 Topps, 2014 Topps 1989 die-cut minis, Archives, Heritage sets, then hockey sets)
3 - Baseball HOFers (1980s)
4 - Baseball HOFers (1970s)
5 - Baseball HOFers (1990s)
6 - Baseball HOFers (other decades)

If there are any other categories of want lists, they would fall between set completion and HOFers.

I have 60,000 - 80,000 cards available for trade that have not listed yet. If you have something on my want list, please drop me a note and we'll see if I have anything you're looking for.

Note: I have currently stopped accepting transaction requests. This does not mean I am not open to trades. My collections are still not complete on here and I have 60,000 - 80,000 cards to add to my FS/FT list. As previously mentioned, drop me a note if you have a bunch of items on my wantlist and would like to see if we could work something out. Please make it so that the postage to/from your location to mine makes a trade worthwhile for both of us. Thank you.

Quote:   More years in the hobby than I care to admit. More roles in the hobby than most.


Member Since:   1/15/2022
From:   Gresham, OR, United States

vintage non-sports (1890-1960)

retro futurism

art nouveau

iconic beauties



Member Since:   7/27/2017
From:   Oregon, United States

I trade mostly football, but there are a few hockey, basketball and baseball players from my childhood I might have a soft spot for.

High interest:

Rookies, autos and patches of Steelers and Oregon State Beavers or any of the players on my faves list.  
Trying to complete collections for Barry Foster, Mike Hass, Ken Simonton, Ryan Nall and Steven Nelson.

Medium interest:

Rookies, autos and patches of other players I might like but have forgotten I liked.  Inserts or paralells of Steelers or players on my faves list.  

Cards I have an inexplicable interest in:

Acetate cards, art cards, funky die-cuts, metal cards.


Anything in my trade bin I'm actively trying to move.  Cards in the collection are not off limits, but you might need to wow me.  



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