1995 Decipher Star Wars CCG Premiere Limited

Total Cards: 324

Rating: 7.8 (6 votes)
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1995 Decipher Star Wars CCG Premiere Limited


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CardMedian Price
NNO   2X-3KPR LS   $0.25
NNO   5D6-RA-7 (Fivedesix) DS   $2.99
NNO   A Disturbance In The Force DS   $0.01
NNO   A Few Maneuvers LS   $0.30
NNO   A Tremor In The Force LS   $0.30
NNO   Admiral Motti DS   $0.99
NNO   Affect Mind LS   $0.49
NNO   Alderaan LS   $0.49
NNO   Alderaan DS   $1.99
NNO   Alter DS   $0.01
NNO   Alter LS   $0.25
NNO   Assault Rifle DS   $0.50
NNO   Baniss Keeg DS   $0.01
NNO   Bantha DS   $0.01
NNO   Beggar LS   $0.49
NNO   Beru Lars LS   $0.01
NNO   Beru Stew LS   $0.01
NNO   Biggs Darklighter LS   $9.99
NNO   Black 2 DS   $2.99
NNO   Black 3 DS   $0.01
NNO   Blast Door Controls DS   $0.01
NNO   Blaster LS   $0.01
NNO   Blaster Rack DS   $0.01
NNO   Blaster Rifle DS   $0.25
NNO   Blaster Rifle LS   $0.01
NNO   Blaster Scope DS   $1.00
NNO   Boosted TIE Cannon DS   $0.01
NNO   Boring Conversation Anyway DS   $1.99
NNO   BoShek LS   $0.25
NNO   C-3PO LS   $14.99
NNO   Caller LS   $0.01
NNO   Caller DS   $0.01
NNO   Cantina Brawl LS   $0.49
NNO   Charming To The Last DS   $0.99
NNO   Chief Bast DS   $0.01
NNO   Collateral Damage DS   $0.01
NNO   Collision! LS   $0.01
NNO   Colonel Wullf Yularen DS   $0.01
NNO   Combined Attack LS   $0.01
NNO   Comlink DS   $0.01
NNO   Commander Praji DS   $0.01
NNO   Corellian Corvette LS   $2.99
NNO   Counter Assault DS   $0.25
NNO   Crash Site Memorial LS   $1.55
NNO   CZ-3 LS   $0.01
NNO   Dantooine LS   $0.49
NNO   Dantooine DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Dark Collaboration DS   $6.98
NNO   Dark Hours DS   $0.01
NNO   Dark Jedi Lightsaber DS   $0.10
NNO   Dark Jedi Presence DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Dark Maneuvers DS   $0.01
NNO   Darth Vader DS   $20.00
NNO   Dathcha DS   $2.99
NNO   Dead Jawa DS   $0.01
NNO   Death Star Plans LS   $0.49
NNO   Death Star Sentry DS   $0.01
NNO   Death Star Trooper DS   $0.01
NNO   Death Star: Central Core DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Death Star: Detention Block Control Room LS   $1.45
NNO   Death Star: Detention Block Corridor DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Death Star: Docking Bay 327 DS   $0.49
NNO   Death Star: Docking Bay 327 LS   $0.99
NNO   Death Star: Level 4 Military Corridor DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Death Star: Trash Compactor LS   $0.99
NNO   Death Star: War Room DS   $1.55
NNO   Demotion LS   $0.99
NNO   Devastator DS   $8.00
NNO   Dice Ibegon LS   $0.55
NNO   Disarmed LS   $1.49
NNO   Disarmed DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Djas Puhr DS   $1.99
NNO   Don't Get Cocky LS   $1.99
NNO   Don't Underestimate Our Chances LS   $0.01
NNO   Dr. Evazan DS   $1.99
NNO   Droid Detector DS   $0.01
NNO   Droid Shutdown LS   $0.30
NNO   DS-61-2 DS   $0.01
NNO   DS-61-3 DS   $1.55
NNO   Dutch LS   $0.49
NNO   EG-6 (Eegee-Six) DS   $0.01
NNO   Electrobinoculars LS   $0.01
NNO   Elis Helrot DS   $0.01
NNO   Ellorrs Madak LS   $0.49
NNO   Emergency Deployment DS   $0.01
NNO   Escape Pod LS   $0.18
NNO   Evacuate? DS   $0.01
NNO   Expand The Empire DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Eyes In The Dark LS   $1.55
NNO   Fear Will Keep Them In Line DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Feltipern Trevagg DS   $0.01
NNO   Figrin D'an LS   $0.01
NNO   Friendly Fire LS   $0.01
NNO   Full Scale Alert DS   Check Pricing
NNO   Full Throttle LS   $0.99
NNO   Fusion Generator Supply Tank DS   $0.01
NNO   Fusion Generator Supply Tanks LS   $0.01
NNO   Gaderffii Stick DS   $0.01
NNO   Garindan DS   Check Pricing
NNO   General Dodonna LS   $0.01


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