1989 Topps Traded - Limited Edition (Tiffany)


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CardMedian Price
1T   Don Aase   Check Pricing
2T   Jim Abbott   Check Pricing
3T   Kent Anderson   $0.35
4T   Keith Atherton   $0.35
5T   Wally Backman UER   $0.35
6T   Steve Balboni   $0.35
7T   Jesse Barfield   $0.75
8T   Steve Bedrosian   $0.35
9T   Todd Benzinger   $0.35
10T   Geronimo Berroa   $0.35
11T   Bert Blyleven   $1.00
12T   Bob Boone   Check Pricing
13T   Phil Bradley   $0.35
14T   Jeff Brantley   $1.80
15T   Kevin Brown   Check Pricing
16T   Jerry Browne   $0.35
17T   Chuck Cary   $0.35
18T   Carmen Castillo   $0.35
19T   Jim Clancy   $0.35
20T   Jack Clark   Check Pricing
21T   Bryan Clutterbuck   $0.35
22T   Jody Davis   $0.35
23T   Mike Devereaux   $0.35
24T   Frank DiPino   $0.35
25T   Benny Distefano   $0.35
26T   John Dopson   $0.35
27T   Lenny Dykstra   Check Pricing
28T   Jim Eisenreich   $0.35
29T   Nick Esasky   $0.35
30T   Alvaro Espinoza   $0.35
31T   Darrell Evans UER   $0.75
32T   Junior Felix   $0.75
33T   Felix Fermin   $0.40
34T   Julio Franco   $0.75
35T   Terry Francona   $0.75
36T   Cito Gaston MGR   $0.35
37T   Bob Geren UER   $0.35
38T   Tom Gordon   $4.00
39T   Tommy Gregg   $0.35
40T   Ken Griffey   $0.75
41T   Ken Griffey, Jr.   $31.00
42T   Kevin Gross   $1.00
43T   Lee Guetterman   $0.35
44T   Mel Hall   $0.35
45T   Erik Hanson   $1.80
46T   Gene Harris   $0.75
47T   Andy Hawkins   $0.35
48T   Rickey Henderson   Check Pricing
49T   Tom Herr   $0.35
50T   Ken Hill   $1.80
51T   Brian Holman   Check Pricing
52T   Brian Holton   $0.35
53T   Art Howe MGR   $0.35
54T   Ken Howell   $0.35
55T   Bruce Hurst   $0.35
56T   Chris James   $0.50
57T   Randy Johnson   $25.00
58T   Jimmy Jones   $0.35
59T   Terry Kennedy   $0.35
60T   Paul Kilgus   $0.35
61T   Eric King   $0.35
62T   Ron Kittle   $0.35
63T   John Kruk   $1.50
64T   Randy Kutcher UER   $0.35
65T   Steve Lake   $0.35
66T   Mark Langston   Check Pricing
67T   Dave LaPoint   $0.35
68T   Rick Leach   $0.35
69T   Terry Leach   $0.35
70T   Jim Lefebvre MGR   $0.50
71T   Al Leiter   $2.15
72T   Jeffrey Leonard   Check Pricing
73T   Derek Lilliquist   $0.75
74T   Rick Mahler   $0.35
75T   Tom McCarthy   $0.35
76T   Lloyd McClendon   $0.35
77T   Lance McCullers   $0.35
78T   Oddibe McDowell   $0.35
79T   Roger McDowell   $0.35
80T   Larry McWilliams   $0.35
81T   Randy Milligan   $0.35
82T   Mike Moore   $0.35
83T   Keith Moreland   Check Pricing
84T   Mike Morgan   $0.35
85T   Jamie Moyer   $0.75
86T   Rob Murphy   $0.35
87T   Eddie Murray   Check Pricing
88T   Pete O'Brien   Check Pricing
89T   Gregg Olson   $1.80
90T   Steve Ontiveros   $0.35
91T   Jesse Orosco   $0.35
92T   Spike Owen   $0.60
93T   Rafael Palmeiro   Check Pricing
94T   Clay Parker   $0.35
95T   Jeff Parrett   $0.35
96T   Lance Parrish   $0.75
97T   Dennis Powell   Check Pricing
98T   Rey Quinones   $0.35
99T   Doug Rader MGR   Check Pricing
100T   Willie Randolph   $0.75


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