1990 Topps

UER Cards

22 record(s)

  5   Nolan Ryan 5000K, UER
UER: Refers to "Texas Stadium" on back, should be "Arlington Stadium"
  Texas Rangers
  45   Dave Parker UER
UER: Born in Jackson not Calhoun
  Oakland Athletics
  55   Darrell Evans UER
UER: HR total 424 s/b 414, 1988 HR 32 s/b 22, Home should be "Westlake Village"
  Atlanta Braves
  222   Kurt Stillwell UER
UER: Graduate misspelled "gradute" on back
  Kansas City Royals
  238   Felix Jose UER
UER: Born 5/8, should be 5/2
  Oakland Athletics
  355   Marty Barrett UER
UER: 1982 Red Sox SLG and AVG .56, should be .056
  Boston Red Sox
  364   Rolando Roomes UER
UER: Played for Nashville in 1989, not Indianapolis as listed in the stats
  Cincinnati Reds
  376   Checklist 3 of 6 CL, UER
UER: Higuera squeezed at end of Milwaukee, not in alphabetical order
  Houston Astros / Kansas City Royals / Los Angeles Dodgers / Milwaukee Brewers / Minnesota Twins
  426   Jeff Hamilton UER
UER: 1986 Dodgers has 197 Ks, should be 43
  Los Angeles Dodgers
  450   Rickey Henderson UER
UER: Home "Hillsboro", should be "Hillsborough"
  Oakland Athletics
  486   Jeff Treadway UER
UER: 1987 Nashville 54 triples, should be 5
  Atlanta Braves
  496   Cecil Espy UER
UER: '88 stats have 3 SB's, should be 33
  Texas Rangers
  528   Kevin Wickander UER
UER: Monthly scoreboard shows strikeouts, should be innings
  Cleveland Indians
  538   Billy Spiers UER
UER: Photo actually George Canale
  Milwaukee Brewers
  546   Kevin Hickey UER
UER: Biographical blurb starts "Kevin make his major...". Should be "Kevin made..."
  Baltimore Orioles
  553   Scott Scudder UER
UER: "Cedar Rap1ds" on back
  Cincinnati Reds
  617   Geronimo Berroa UER
UER: Card states batted as a lefty; was a right-handed batter
  Atlanta Braves
  660   Vince Coleman UER
UER: Born 1960, should be 1961
  St. Louis Cardinals
  661   Dick Howser MGR, TBC, UER
UER: Seaver's 300th win was on 8/4/85 not 7/11/85
  Kansas City Royals
  678   Kirt Manwaring UER
UER: '88 Phoenix stats repeated
  San Francisco Giants
  692   Sammy Sosa RC, UER
UER: Born 11/10, should be 11/12
  Chicago White Sox
  749   Mark Parent UER
UER: '87 BA .80, should be .080
  San Diego Padres


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