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by Dixxy - 10 cards (Last updated on Mar 7, 2015)

1. 2000-01 Pacific Vanguard - Dual Game-Worn Jerseys #18 Shayne Corson / Jeff Hackett

I remember this card so well. Me and my friend Jason would regular the 7-11 after school comparing packs of vanguard to see which one was thicker As I had found out when I pulled this card, the difference is very very noticeable! Probably my only GU card that has a swatch with 2 different colors in it on both swatches!! Jason pulled one of these eventually too, and we joked and kidded the other about trading our whole collection for the other's card.

2. 2002-03 Upper Deck - Speed Demons #SD-TM Todd Marchant

I do believe I pulled this one from the pack as well. It even came with the little stain at the bottom of the s.

3. 2005-06 Upper Deck - UD Game Jerseys Series I #J-MCA Mike Cammalleri

This one I am no longer sure where I got it. Might have been a dealer or I might have pulled it.Still, I had it before I purchased them on ebay.

4. 2008-09 SPx #176 Brian Lee

Ah, group of three purchase on ebay. I was just getting back into collecting again and names were a bit fuzzy to me. I actually had to ask someone at work wether I was making a good investment at that time. There answer was a little vague.

7. 2012-13 Panini Certified - Fabric of the Game #FOG-SED Daniel Sedin

This one stumped me for a while. if you look at the back of the card, the number of the card is written out in letters. I had been looking for the letter for about two years to include and submit this one. finally found the set it belongs to last week? I'm just happy it has a home

8. 2005-06 Ultra - Rookie Uniformity Jerseys #RU-AS Alexander Steen

Again, not sure when this one turned up...

9. 2005-06 Ultra - Rookie Uniformity Jerseys #RU-RN Robert Nilsson

This one is easy, and it's the only one so far in my list that I did not submit both scans. I will have to update my own collection to show the difference. This one was received in a 10 dollar grab bag at one of my favorite card shops.

10. 2006-07 Be A Player Portraits - First Exposures #FE-PP Petr Prucha

This one as well was purchased in one of those grab bags. I guess overproduction has kind of ruined the nostalgia, hasn't it?


Mar 8, 2015 - 8:14PM
I like game-worn cards myself. Fun to pull from packs. Nice collection here. I don't think I've ever had a two-sided like your Corson/Hackett.

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