People I Have Met

by Gunny - 37 cards (Last updated on Jun 21, 2019)

11. 1988-89 Panini Stickers #319 Dave Brown

The Flyers. The Ancient Enemy. They owned the Penguins in the 1980s. Given that, I was making my way up to the Civic Arena after parking when I noticed a big feller across the street. I looked and saw it was Dave Brown. A couple of Flyers fans ran up to him and were really excited. They called me over and asked if I could take a picture. "Sure" I said. So I had them get on either side of Dave as he was taller then both of them. I then moved the camera down so I could cut off Dave's head in the picture and snapped it. I smiled, they asked "Did you get it?" I said "Oh yes, I got it." Dave shook my hand and thanked me.

12. 1988-89 Topps #179 Paul Coffey

When I went to Los Angeles to see a Penguins and Kings game little did I realize that I was staying at the same hotel as the Penguins. It was in the morning and I sat down at the breakfast bar and looked to my left and there was Paul Coffey having his breakfast. Chatted a bit and he seemed genuinely pleased that some fans had made the trip.

13. 1987-88 Panini Stickers #144 Rod Buskas

After having breakfast and meeting Paul Coffey, I was heading back to my hotel room when all of a sudden here came a rather sweaty Rod Buskas. I asked "Have a good work out?" He said yes and I wished him luck against the Kings.

14. 2006 Music Sales Ltd Rock Trumps #NNO Lemmy

Ozzfest either 1997 or 1998. A friend of mine had by that time become the tour manager for a band called Kilgore. He got a buncha us back stage passes at the Star Lake Amphitheater near Burgettestown, PA. They had two stages set up, the Main Stage and a secondary stage over the hill from the main one. The only people we really wanted to try and meet were Motorhead and they were the last act on the secondary stage.. We showed our passes and there close by was Lemmy. What a gracious man, he offered us some drinks and told us to watch the show on the side of the stage.

15. 1999 Pacific Paramount #100 Moises Alou

It was during his time with the Astros that I met Moises, hence this card's selection. Went to a Pirates and Astros game and at the finish the people I went with asked if I knew where the players went after the game. I stated that I knew where they would exit the locker rooms. So we ventured down there and as usual there was a nice long line of kids with parents hopefully waiting to get autographs. Most players left quickly, not even acknowledging the fans. Moises was the exception, he took the time to sign every kids' items. When he got to me he asked if I wanted an auto, I just said no and thanked him for being so nice with kids He shook my hand and then got in a limo. The lady who opened the door for him was, well, let's just say I think he was headed for a great time. Nicely done Moises!

16. 2005-06 Parkhurst #385 Marc-Andre Fleury

It was during this season 2005-06 that I happened to meet Marc-Andre. I decided to eat dinner at Outback Steakhouse in Robinson Township. I was sat at the bar enjoying my beer when I noticed a bit of a kerfluffle with the two bartenders. The one came over to me and asked if that was Marc-Andre Fleury sitting in a booth. I turned and looked and said yup and he is with Erik Christensen. Her jaw dropped and I said go over and ask for and autograph. She just said "No way, I'm too scared!" So after my dinner, I walked over to their booth and expressed my joy over the way the Penguins were headed and wished them luck. They both shook my hand and wished me well.

17. 2005-06 Parkhurst #393 Erik Christensen

See Marc-Andre Fleury above.

18. 1992-93 Stadium Club #130 Ken Wregget

Met Ken Wregget a little while after the Fleury and Christensen meeting. He was at the Dick's Sporting Goods for a signing session. I thought what the heck and dug out this card and got it signed. Sadly that card got lost in the winds of time.

Second time I got to meet Ken was the 2019 Main Line Autograph Pittsburgh Show. Told him I had to get his auto since I lost my previous one. He said "Well don't lose this one!"

19. 1970 Topps #188 Manny Sanguillen

I still belong to LA Fitness but do not workout as much as I should. In the early 2000s I was a workout dog. I would go there and workout at least 4 to 5 times a week. I was entering the LA Fitness in Robinson Township one afternoon and I held the door for the man leaving. I recognized at once it was Manny Sanguillen. I stopped him and we chatted for a bit, I told him how much I enjoyed him as a ball player and he said I should go get some ribs at his BBQ place at PNC Park. They are delicious.

20. 2015 Panini U.S. National Team #18 Meghan Klingenberg

After the USA won the World Cup in 2015, a place called Total Sports Enterprises (TSE) brought in Meghan for a signing. I didn't think their would be a big crowd. Wow, was I wrong. Me and Mrs Gunny arrived about 30 minutes before the signing. TSE was located in the Mall at Robinson. I had already purchased tickets and that was a lucky stroke. People with tickets in hand were in one line whilst the other was people looking to get tix. Took awhile, but she was super nice and signed a card, not the one shown, and I told she was the best Left Back in the world.



Mar 14, 2019 - 10:40AM
Billy Kingsley

Cool list! My list of people met only has about 12 people on it, unfortunately. If you are so inclined I'd like to see captions on where/how you met them. 

Mar 14, 2019 - 10:50AM

I am planning on adding at that info as time permits Billy.  As always thanks for the comment.

Mar 14, 2019 - 5:35PM

I'm impressed with your memory.   I sure don't remember people I've met.

May 7, 2019 - 2:01AM

Very interesting and cool list.  Kudos, also, to the memory bank.  Made me try to remember some.  The only common on my list is Bill Madlock.  He was the speaker and "headliner" at a sports banquet around 1980 or so. Got about 7 or 8 cards signed.  Chuck Tanner was there.  I believe the year before that one was with Bob Feller, got his auto on a program from that one. Later on while I was a student at Pitt, I went to a morning skate at the old Igloo prior to a game with the Flyers and met Eric Lindros and got a few signatures there.  Latest was on Easter some years back, got to meet Jameis Winston prior to an FSU/Wake Forest baseball game.  Very nice and polite young man.  Greeted a huge line of folks prior to the game right up to national anthem as he was not going to pitch that day.  

Jun 27, 2019 - 6:01PM

As a native Pittsburgher and Pit sports fan for life, the Dave Brown story is classic!  

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