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1. 1991 High Five Photography All-Star Fanfest (unlicensed) #NNO Roberto Alomar

As will be shared later in this list, my oldest son has attended the Blue Jays Academy Baseball Camps as a gift from his grandfather many years. The first year Jackson attended was the summer after Roberto's HOF induction and you could purchase an autographed jersey of his. At the end of the camp he presented the jersey to the buyer with a photo-op. Since they did it alphabetically ( and unlike mine Jackson's last name is Way) my son was one of the last to get his jersey my wife and I bought for him. Roberto motioned us over after the photo to tell us that Jackson was one of the very few kids to tell him "Thank You" and was the only one to ask him how he was doing. He complemented us on raising a polite kid LOL!

2. 1987 Donruss #271 George Bell

The older son has aged out of the Blue Jays Academy Camps, but this year (2019) the youngest was old enough to go, so papa is now sending him as his Christmas gift. We decided this year to stay at a hotel a couple of the nights rather than fight the endless traffic on the 401 to get there each morning. George Bell and a number of the other Blue Jay Alumni stayed at the same hotel as us. This is a great guy! Nice conversation, and when he saw us again the next day he approached my oldest about being a volunteer at the camp next year.

3. 1954 Topps #131 Reno Bertoia

Mr. Bertoia became a high school teacher after his playing career. He taught at Assumption College High School in Windsor Ontario. I did not attend that school but many of my friends did and I met him at one of their school functions. It is however not the first time I met him. My first "job" was as a Caddy at Essex Golf and Country Club where he played often as a guest of members and I carried his bag a few times.

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4. 2014 Leaf Legends of the Links - Tournament-Used Signed Scorecard #NNO Justin Leonard / Michael Bradley

There are barely any golf cards from the 90s on TCDB, and sadly this is the only Michael Bradley card we have and it does not have an image. When he was on the Canadian Tour I caddied for him a couple of times at the Windsor stop of the CPGA tour held then at Roseland Golf Club. I remember him as a good guy and after caddying for him for the first time I was paired with him again when the tour returned the next year.

5. 2001 Topps Traded & Rookies #T176 Stubby Clapp

I played against Stubby in Little League! At District Tournaments they did player introductions and the national anthem before games "just like on TV" so remembering his name when he made it to the bigs was easy for obvious reasons. Three years ago I attended a Baseball Coaches' Clinic put on by the Toronto Blue Jays Academy and he was one of the presenters. Caught up with him after and traded stories about old Ontario Little League District 5 stories (not surprising he did not remember Turtle Clubs centerfielder).

6. 2018-19 Extreme Saint John Sea Dogs (QMJHL) #8 Nick Deakin-Poot

Pleasant surprise this morning. While working on IRs I stumbled across one of my former students! I taught Nick in Grade 5. Great kid and I'm glad to see he got to fulfill a goal of playing higher level hockey. According to hockeydb it looks like he stopped playing last year (2019-20). I hope the pandemic nonsense didn't ruin any further advancement.

7. 2001-02 Upper Deck #327 Andy Delmore

My brother was a better ball player on a better team than I with much better athletes (see an entry below). Andy lived down the street from us and played on the same All-Star baseball team as my brother for many years.

8. 2016-17 O-Pee-Chee #594 Jason Dickinson

Jason is from my current home in Georgetown, Ontario. Over the summer he helps out at hockey camps which both of my sons have attended. Jason is a great kid and fantastic with the younger ones.

9. 1992 Baseball Cards Magazine '70 Topps Replicas #57 Cecil Fielder

My oldest son has had the pleasure of meeting way more sports figures than I. As a matter of fact if I was to make a list of "People Jackson has met" it would go on for many pages. He has attended the baseball camp put on by the Blue Jays Academy as a Christmas gift from his grandfather on more than one occasion. One year Cecil was one of the batting instructors and motioned me aside to give his feedback on Jackson's swing. We had a long chat, one that no doubt lasted longer when I shared I was a huge Tiger's fan. His feedback was great and Jackson took his advice and is still a better hitter today (still does a step into the box routine to relax himself that Cecil suggested). Hey we went to the Provincial Championships last year with Jackson batting over .450 so must be right!

10. 1998-99 Pacific Dynagon Ice #81 Ed Jovanovski

Met Ed several times "around town" back in Windsor as a teen. I'm sure if anyone here ever runs into him and says, "Hey do you remember Ryan Paquin" the answer will be a hard no.



Jan 30, 2019 - 9:18AM

Fun list!  I'll probably make one of my own now that you've given me the idea!

Feb 2, 2019 - 12:40AM

Cool story about Alomar. I still haven't met Robbie, but would like to one day. 

Feb 16, 2023 - 4:06PM

Love this list!

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