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Aug 11, 2018 - 6:01PM

Not knowing much about racing cards, did she never appear on a card before she switched to Nascar, or do you just not collect those?

Aug 11, 2018 - 9:22PM

Nice collection! I have a bunch of those, but not all of them. You have a few more than me though. I have my 120th card on the way, but it's a spectacular one!

switzr1, she did have some IndyCar Racing League cards from Rittenhouse before she went to NASCAR. All 4 of the one's I own are from 2007. IRL doesn't get anywhere close to as many cards made as NASCAR does. The majority of IRL (and National Hot Rod Association - NHRA) cards were in Press Pass Legends sets. Specific sets for either league are not real common.

Aug 11, 2018 - 9:26PM

I forgot to say that the Triple Gears card is SWEET! The 2016 Certified AU is pretty awesome as well. My best card of her is the 2012 Redline - Rookie Year AU, Dual-MEM, SN9. If you look it up on here, that is my scan.

Aug 12, 2018 - 10:05AM

switzr1, i coll, any card of any players i coll. thot i had a few Indy cards there...

spaz, i traded $350. worth of Barry Sanders inserts for the Cert. au. /20 back at SCF

I have a few more Jrs on the way

After i started i thot about having a separate listing for autos & g/u but didnt want to have to go thru them again, guess you wont be going thru my 3600+ Gordons, been coll. him since '93

Aug 16, 2018 - 2:09AM

TASB, yeah! That's a lot of JG cards to go through. My only list on here is of my Jimmie Johnson AU's. I don't have time to link every single JJ card I own to a list (just short of 1300 now). I do have a JG AU card in my list, but I traded it. I have a new replacement JG AU on the way though (part of the same trade for my new Danica AU/RU card.

WOW! on the trade for the Danica Certified AU. I got lucky with my JJ AU SN15 from that release and pulled it myself earlier this year from a discounted box.

My incoming Danica and Jeff AU/RU cards cost me a 2009 Showcase Dale Sr. RU Firesuit card and over a dozen lesser cards, but it's totally worth it to me. I'll certainly add the scans when the cards arrive.

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