Red Sox A-Z

by AnalogKid - 6 cards (Last updated on Feb 17, 2020)

1. 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH86 David Aardsma

-Alcantara, Israel
-Aviles, Ramon
-Batts, Matt
-Bigelow, Elliot
-Bowen, Sam
-Bowers, Stewart - 1 card - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox
-Brewer, Colten
-Campbell, Paul (b. 1917)
-Cascarella, Joe - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox #NNO
-Cashner, Andrew
-Chapman, Ben - 30s cards and 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox #NNO
-Chevalier, Virgil - SN and SP
-Cissell, Bill
-Crouch, Zach
-Demeter, Don
-Dickey, George - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox #NNO
-Dickman, Emerson
-DiNardo, Lenny
-Donnelly, Brendan
-Dorish, Harry

2. 2001 Bowman #403 Bryan Barnowski

-Dreisewerd, Clem - 1975 TCMA 1946 Boston Red Sox #NNO
-Dubon, Mauricio
-Dugan, Joe
-Freeman, Hershell - 1955 Bowman
-Friend, Owen - 1955 Bowman
-Gaffke, Fabian
-Gardner, Billy
-Gaston, Alexander
-Grilli, Guido
-Gonzales, Joe - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox #NNO
-Guindon, Bob
-Gutteridge, Don
-Heflin, Randy
-Hembree, Heath
-Henry, Bill
-Henry, Jim (1930s) - 1972 TCMA The 1930's / 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox
-Hernandez, Marco
-Hernandez, Marco (B.1998)
-Hernandez, Michel
-Hockette, George

3. 2004 Donruss World Series #WS-109 Orlando Cabrera

-Johnson, Indian Bob (OF)
-Johnson, Roy
-Jolley, Smead
-Jones, Jake
-Judd, Oscar
-Keltner, Ken
-Kielty, Bobby - 2007 Upper Deck World Series Champions Boston Red Sox #9
-Klinger, Bob - 1947 Boston Red Sox Picture Pack / 1975 TCMA 1946 Boston Red Sox
-Lahoud, Joe
-Lake, Eddie
-Lancellotti, Rick - 1990 Topps TV Boston Red Sox #48
-Lazor, Johnny
-Leister, John - 1990 Topps TV Boston Red Sox #49
-Leonard, Dutch (P, 1930s)
-Leskanic, Curt
-Loney, James - 2012 Topps Update #US5b SP
-Longhi, Nick
-Magrini, Pete
-Manush, Heinie HOF
-Martin, Kyle ??

4. 2000 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome #21 Aaron Capista

-Matchick, Tom
-McInnis, Stuffy
-McLaughlin, Jud
-McNair, Eric
-Mendoza, Luis
-Metkovich, George
-Mills, Buster
-Mulligan, Joe
-Myers, Mike
-Newman, Fred
-Newsom, Bobo - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox #NNO
-Newsome, Lamar
-O'Brien, Syd
-Olson, Ted
-Papai, Al
-Papi, Stan
-Pearce, Steve
-Pellagrini, Eddie
-Pfeil, Bobby
-Philley, Dave

5. 2008 Upper Deck First Edition #322 Sean Casey

-Phillips, Brandon
-Pipgras, George
-Poulsen, Ken
-Pressly, Ryan
-Reynolds, Carl
-Rhodes, Dusty - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox #NNO
-Richter, Al - 2003 Jewish Major Leaguers #80
-Ripley, Walt - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox #NNO
-Ritchie, Jay
-Rogers, Lee - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox #NNO
-Roggenburk, Garry
-Rosenthal, Sy - 2003 Jewish Major Leaguers #40
-Russell, Jack
-Sadowski, Bob
-Schlesinger, Bill
-Schoeneweis, Scott - 2014 Jewish Major Leaguers Update Edition
-Sheaffer, Danny - 1986 Boston Red Sox Photo Cards Series I & II #32
-Skeen, Archie
-Slayton, Steve - 2000 Vermont Historical Society Information
-Smith, Pete (60's)

6. 2002 Bowman Heritage #329 Johnny Damon

-Solters, Moose
-Spanswick, Bill
-Speier, Gabe
-Spence, Stan
-Stobbs, Chuck
-Stone, Jeff - 1990 Topps TV Boston Red Sox
-Tavarez, Aneury
-Thibdeau, John
-Thomas, Tommy - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox
-Tinker, Joe
-Vandenberg, Hy - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox
-Vezendy, Gerry
-Wagner, Charlie
-Walberg, Rube
-Waslewski, Gary - 1983 Boston Globe Boston Red Sox Series 2
-Weber, Ryan
-Webster, Ray
-Wenz, Fred
-Werber, Billy
-Wheeler, Dan
-Williams, Dib - 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox
-Witte, Jantzen
-Wright, George HOF
-Wright, Harry HOF - 1994 American Archives Origins of Baseball - not really a RS card
-Wyckoff, Weldon - 1992 Megacards Babe Ruth


Jun 14, 2018 - 7:16PM

There are currently 1,485 total Red Sox players that have cards listed in the database. 238 of these players have the "NA" designation, which means the player has cards that are not affordable, rare, or do not have a standard sized or smaller trading card (Such as a postcard, picture pack, oversized trading card, etc.). This brings the total obtainable players to 1,247.

Edited on: Feb 22, 2020 - 9:09PM

Aug 2, 2018 - 12:47AM

There are currently 574 cards in this collection. 48% (11/25/2018)

There are currently 599 cards in this collection. 50% (12/31/2018)

There are currently 659 cards in this collection. 55% (01/29/2019)

There are currently 665 cards in this collection. 56% (05/31/2019)

There are currently 761 cards in this collection. 64% (06/29/2019)

There are currently 895 cards in this collection. 75% (07/31/2019)

There are currently 929 cards (958 unique players) in this collection. 78% (08/07/2019)

There are currently 972 cards (970 unique players) in this collection. 81% (12/31/2019)

There are currently 1095 cards (1094 unique players) in this collection. 87% (02/02/2020)

Edited on: Feb 2, 2020 - 5:01PM

Aug 11, 2019 - 4:50PM

Pretty cool project! I'd love to do one for the Yankees.

Aug 11, 2019 - 10:13PM

@fedoratipper. You really should. It's more like a project than it is a collection. The hardest part, but most rewarding is going through all the names and finding out which players are actually Yankees. There are a lot of players who appear on mutli-player cards so if you're not sure you have to go through and check every name. There are a few that were assigned the wrong teams too. I used that oppurtunity to correct a few names. Then you have to make a want-list for each player. I chose cards that were plentiful and affordable. I relied on a lot of reprints for the pre-war players. You'll know if you want to do it once you start going through all the names. It does get tedious at times.

Aug 12, 2019 - 9:46AM

Del Gainer and Del Gainor are the same person.  Gainor is a misspelling, the PIDs have been combined and corrected.

Aug 12, 2019 - 1:01PM

Thanks, C2. You have great eyeballs. :)

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