May 2018 Non-sport Pick-ups

by cnangle - 22 cards (Last updated on May 22, 2018)

1. 1895 Arm & Hammer Beautiful Flowers (J16) #4 Heliotrope & Lily of the Valley

Arm & Hammer (Church & Co.) have some of my favorite sets. The quality of these cards is amazing. That's probably why they've lasted so long. The cardboard is thick and the lithography is beautiful. Why can't they make cards like this anymore.

I recently placed bids on several Arm & Hammer lots. This is the only one that I won. I'm pretty pleased with them.

2. 1895 Arm & Hammer Beautiful Flowers (J16) #18 Harebells

I can't wait until I can start putting this set in a binder. It will look great behind all my Bird Series sets.

3. 1895 Arm & Hammer Beautiful Flowers (J16) #39 Fuschia

Another incredibly beautiful set. Arm & Hammer had the nature sets figured out. So much better than anything Allen & Ginter produced. (It hurt a little bit to say that).

4. 1889 Arbuckle's Coffee Illustrated Atlas of U.S. (K6) #56 Maryland

I was able to pick up four more Arbuckle's Coffee cards this weekend. My wife and I went to Hot Sam's Antiques near the Twin Cities. Fantastic Antique store and the owners are super friendly. I spent about an hour talking vintage trade cards and lithography with them.

I spent a few years in Maryland while stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. I was originally only going to collect the states that I've lived in, but I think I'm going to get the whole set. Dang my OCD.

5. 1889 Arbuckle's Coffee Illustrated Atlas of U.S. (K6) #96 North Dakota

This is a pretty good card of my neighboring state. I'm a little disappointed that there are no Indian scenes though.

6. 1891 Arbuckle's Coffee Views From a Trip Around the World (K8) #4 Boston

Another beautiful Arbuckle's card. The lithography on the Arbuckle's cards is some of the best from the period.

7. 1891 Arbuckle's Coffee Views From a Trip Around the World (K8) #34 Buenos Ayres, Argentine Rep.

I think I now have 5 cards from this series. Arbuckle's are great 19th century trade cards to collect. They are fairly easy to find and not that expensive. Plus, I think they have some of the best artwork of the period. That's probably because all their sets were either produced by the Knapp Co. or Donaldson Bros.; two of the best lithographic firms of the time.

8. 1966 Topps Bat Laffs #37 Aunt Harriett

My first vintage Batman card. Unfortunately Bat Laffs is my least favorite Batman set from the 60's. I would much rather have a card from one of the illustrated sets. But this set is on my want list, so I shouldn't complain.

9. 1956 Quaker Oats Sgt. Preston of the Yukon (F279-15) #35 Log Jam

I picked up 8 cards from this set along with 6 cards from the "Great American Circus" set for under $4 from a local antique store. I wasn't familiar with either set but I really like the artwork on the Sgt. Preston set.



May 7, 2018 - 1:35PM
Billy Kingsley

My favorite has to be the trip to the butcher shop from the Sgt. Preston set. It's comical at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized this was probably a scary situation for a lot of people that I never even thought about. 

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