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Apr 1, 2017 - 12:28PM

How do you have your lots divided., By team, player, year, manufacturer or what?

Apr 1, 2017 - 3:33PM


The idea of TRADER LOTS is to move lots of extras. Quick 123, ex. you want a lot of 1985 Topps BB, and I have them ready to go, NO search, sort etc.

Now, if it is a trade on the transaction page...Player lots and Team lots require search and sort, but easily done.

LMK what you have in mind? ~BOB~

Jan 27, 2018 - 9:46AM

Sorry for my late reply, I've been battling aggravated injuries and a sinus issue. When you say you have 100 cards but not looked thru, does that mean they could be anything? 

Do you sell teams sets that are centered & nice edges, corners and PICS?

Being on limited disability income I can't get crazy with things. Im interested in teams that won pennants, the series etc from the 70's to dats for a project I'm doing. Would that be something you would be able to filter out?

I'm really just getting to know ya and again, I normally reply quickly but being bedridden this week or since last Monday, I've not looked at much.

I haven't decided what brand, year, team or players I can really let go of. I'm still collating with about a week of 10hr days from being where I can know what I have and of who.

I have not entered but like 200 cards on my account at TCDB, bcz I am looking for, or my build an APP to allow me or collectors to use so to easily have items in one format but would be able to change the formats as to uploading or downloading items. I haven't taken any scans yet either bcz I take pics with a Canon Digital Rebel XT 12mb for detailing and chrome, foil and shiny surface cannot be scanned (without setting the scanner to different modes etc, that actually doesn't represent the card the best) and so after I get them all in order I will do the collection #'s.

You know of any programs like that? I need to be able to list them, take photos or add stock ones, price it, price original cost (i.e. - if I bought a pack of Flair for $5 & only 5 cards were in it, then the least I take is $5) or barter with they info. Knowing the original costs will allow tax write offs on the cards I sell or trade. 

Give that some thought and on the 80's I'm into the 82, 83, 84, 85, 86 teams in a nonchipped or worn edges and corners bcz 86 has all that black it shows everything but I have Lupes to find any alterations to the edges with UV & Black Lights as well and I use a PEAK1984 Lupe bcz my optics are the same PSA uses. 

Let me know and no rush. All January's hit me hard as to income bcz copays reset and it takes a few months to catch up. Have a blessed week ahead!

God Bless,

R.C Burns  

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