Best Finds from November 2021 Thrift Box

by Bowersbird - 15 cards (Last updated on Nov 19, 2021)

1. 1992 Craftsman #38 Auto Scroller ¾-inch Sabre Saw

At first I thought this set was ridiculous. But the photography actually looks quite professional and I really like the blueprint aesthetic on the backs? I honestly might look into getting more of the set.

2. 1996 Finest Star Wars #82 C-3PO

I had no idea Finest extended to non-sport topics. Also, this card was in surprisingly good condition. Sadly, there was only this one, though.

3. 1979 Topps NASL #6 Dallas Tornado Logo

There were actually quite a few (beat up 90's) soccer cards in the box. Even though I'm not really into soccer, I like this one because it's an old and interesting logo.

4. 1991-92 SkyBox #39 Michael Jordan

Was shocked to find this in the box. Especially since it's in pretty good shape. This was one of the very few basketball cards I kept from the box.

5. 1994 Topps - Finest Pre-Production #159 Alan Trammell

A Topps Finest is cool. A pre-production Topps Finest in decent shape is even cooler. (Probably wouldn't have picked Trammell if I could've chosen any player to be on this card, but at least I heard of him before).

6. 1991 Fleer #710 Ken Griffey, Jr / Barry Bonds

This card was actually on my wantlist, so needless to say I was very excited to find it in the box!

7. 1992 Score Procter & Gamble #5 Cal Ripken Jr.

A nicely done, small set of branded cards? Yes please. I might have to pick up the cards the rest of this set.

8. 1992 Conlon Collection TSN #401 Greasy Neale

I've considered trading for some Conlon cards in the past. Happy to have a few interesting ones now.

9. 1991 Fleer - All-Stars #2 Barry Larkin

Cool insert design. Feels like a throwback, but I'm sure it felt new & modern at the time.

10. 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack #151 Bo Jackson

Didn't know Bo was on the Angels at any point. Also, this card design is... interesting.



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