3,000 Hits Club

by StarrsCards - 32 cards (Last updated on May 2, 2021)

1. 1895 Mayo Cut Plug (N300) #NNO Cap Anson

Date of 3,000th Hit: 7/18/1897
Stadium: West Side Grounds
Opponent: NL Orioles
Career Hits: 3,011 (disputed)

2. 1914 Cracker Jack (E145) #68 Honus Wagner

Date of 3,000th Hit: 6/9/1914
Stadium: Baker Bowl
Opponent: Phillies
Career Hits: 3,430

3. 1915 American Caramel (E106) #NNO Nap Lajoie

Date of 3,000th Hit: 9/27/1914
Stadium: League Park II
Opponent: Yankees
Career Hits: 3,252

4. 1921 E121 American Caramel Series of 80 #NNO Ty Cobb

Date of 3,000th Hit: 8/19/1921
Stadium: Navin Field
Opponent: Red Sox
Career Hits: 4,191

5. 1923 W572 #NNO Tris Speaker

Date of 3,000th Hit: 5/17/1925
Stadium: Dunn Field
Opponent: Senators
Career Hits: 3,514

6. 1925 Exhibits W461 #NNO Eddie Collins

Date of 3,000th Hit: 6/3/1925
Stadium: Navin Field
Opponent: Tigers
Career Hits: 3,315

7. 1940 Play Ball #104 Paul Waner

Date of 3,000th Hit: 6/19/1942
Stadium: Braves Field
Opponent: Pirates
Career Hits: 3,152

8. 1958 Topps #476 Stan Musial

Date of 3,000th Hit: 5/13/1958
Stadium: Wrigley Field
Opponent: Cubs
Career Hits: 3,630

9. 1970 Topps #500 Hank Aaron

Date of 3,000th Hit: 5/17/1970
Stadium: Crosley Field
Opponent: Reds
Career Hits: 3,771

10. 1970 Topps #600 Willie Mays

Date of 3,000th Hit: 7/18/1970
Stadium: Candlestick Park
Opponent: Expos
Career Hits: 3,283



May 2, 2021 - 8:57PM

A classy, simple list. Nice work. 


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