2014 Score


  NNO   Super Bowl XLIX Kid Reporter  

Insert Sets (46)

  '89 Score Quarterbacks
  Air Commanders Dual Jerseys
  Air Commanders Dual Jerseys Prime
  Air Mail Blue
  Air Mail Gold
  Air Mail Green
  Air Mail Red
  Backfield Tandems Dual Jerseys
  Backfield Tandems Dual Jerseys Prime
  Behind the Numbers Blue
  Behind The Numbers Gold
  Behind The Numbers Green
  Behind The Numbers Red
  Brothers in Arms Blue
  Brothers In Arms Gold
  Brothers In Arms Green
  Brothers In Arms Red
  Complete Players
  Destination End Zone Blue
  Destination End Zone Gold
  Destination End Zone Green
  Destination End Zone Red
  Field Commanders
  Franchise Blue
  Franchise Fabrics
  Franchise Fabrics Prime
  Franchise Gold
  Franchise Green
  Franchise Red
  Future Franchise Fabrics
  Future Franchise Fabrics Prime
  Future Franchise Fabrics Prime Tag
  Hot Rookies
  Hot Rookies Autographs
  Numbers Game
  Rookie Signatures
  Rookie Signatures Blue
  Rookie Signatures Purple
  Rookie Signatures Red
  Rookie Team Helmets
  Rookie Team Helmets Gold Holofoil
  Rookie Team Helmets Gold Zone
  Shotgun Swatches
  Shotgun Swatches Prime
  Shotgun Swatches Tags

Parallel Sets (11)

  Artist's Proof
  End Zone
  Gem Masters
  Gold Zone
  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow
  Red Zone

Promo Sets (1)



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