2008 Upper Deck Premier

Insert Sets (78)

  Emerging Stars Autographs Dual Gold
  Emerging Stars Autographs Dual Silver Spectrum
  Equipment 1/1
  Equipment 10
  Equipment 25
  Five Jersey 1/1
  Five Jersey 10
  Five Jersey 30
  Foursome Jersey 1/1
  Foursome Jersey 15
  Foursome Jersey 35
  Foursome Patch 1/1
  Foursome Patch 15
  Foursome Patch 45
  Foursomes Autographs
  Highlights Autographs Gold
  Highlights Autographs Silver Spectrum
  Inscriptions Autographs Gold
  Inscriptions Autographs Gold Spectrum
  Inscriptions Autographs Silver Spectrum
  Legends Autographs Gold
  Legends Autographs Gold Spectrum
  Legends Autographs Silver Spectrum
  Milestones Autographs Gold
  Milestones Autographs Gold Spectrum
  Milestones Autographs Silver Spectrum
  Pairings Autographs
  Penmanship Autographs Bronze
  Penmanship Autographs Gold
  Penmanship Autographs Gold Spectrum
  Rare Materials Dual 65
  Rare Materials Triple
  Rare Patches Dual 1/1
  Rare Patches Dual 25
  Rare Patches Triple 1/1
  Rare Patches Triple 15
  Remnants Quad 1
  Remnants Quad 10
  Remnants Quad 40
  Remnants Quad Autographs
  Remnants Triple Autographs NFL
  Remnants Triple Helmet Die Cut
  Remnants Triple Jersey Number
  Remnants Triple NFL
  Rookie Autographed Jerseys Silver 1/1
  Rookie Autographed Patches Gold 1/1
  Rookie Autographed Patches Gold 10
  Rookie Autographed Patches Gold 30
  Signatures Gold
  Signatures Gold Spectrum
  Signatures Silver Spectrum
  Significant Stars Autographs Dual Gold
  Significant Stars Autographs Dual Silver Spectrum
  Six Autographs
  Stitchings Autographs
  Stitchings College Logo Gold
  Stitchings College Logo Silver
  Stitchings College Logo Silver Spectrum
  Stitchings Cut Signatures
  Stitchings Gold
  Stitchings Silver
  Stitchings Silver Spectrum
  Stitchings Team Logo NFL Draft Gold
  Stitchings Team Logo NFL Draft Silver
  Stitchings Team Logo NFL Draft Silver Spectrum
  Teams Jersey AFC/NFC
  Teams Jersey Team Initials
  Teams Jersey Team Logo
  Trios Autographs
  Trios Jersey 1/1
  Trios Jersey 25
  Trios Jersey 40
  Trios Patch 1/1
  Trios Patch 25
  Trios Patch 75
  Vital Signs Autographs Gold
  Vital Signs Autographs Silver Spectrum

Parallel Sets (2)

  Gold 1/1


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