2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Total Cards: 210

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  • Release Date: Jul 16, 2013

2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Insert Sets (17)

  2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Update
  Alien Invasion
  Alien Invasion Brian Bateman Autographs
  Animal Kingdom Patches
  Art of the Ages
  Global Warming
  Global Warming Ken Joudrey Autographs
  It Came From Space

Redemption set


Insertion odds, per Hobby pack: Cards M-AP, M-BJ, M-BL, M-BS2, M-BT, M-CR, M-DC, M-DH, M-DL, M-DM, M-EB, M-EE, M-HA, M-HM, M-JE, M-JN2, M-KS, M-LD, M-LJ, M-MB, M-MT, M-NG, M-NL, M-PH, M-RB, M-RG, M-RL, M-RO, M-RS, M-TD, M-TF, M-TH: 1:22 packs; Cards M-AE, M-AH, M-CD, M-CJ, M-DP, M-GS, M-HH, M-KB, M-MG, M-MI, M-MK, M-RD, M-SH, M-TT: 1:37 packs; Cards M-AS, M-BS, M-CP, M-JN, M-JS, M-LR, M-MJ, M-PB, M-RM, M-TW: 1:104 packs; Cards M-MP, M-WG: 1:5,970 packs; Cards M-AL, M-BC: 1:23,082 packs. Overall odds 1:12 Hobby packs, 1:96 Blaster packs.

  Memorabilia Dual

Insertion odds: Cards M2-AH, M2-DP, M2-TH: 1:897 packs; Cards M2-BJ, M2-JE, M2-JN, M2-KS, M2-NA, M2-RM, M2-TT: 1:1,196 packs; Card M2-WG: 1:35,872 packs; Card M2-AL: 1:119,573 packs.

  Sport Royalty Autographs
  Sport Royalty Memorabilia
  Sport Royalty Memorabilia Dual
  The Elements Booklets


  Wild West Museum Collection
  Wonders of the Universe

Parallel Sets (10)

  Mini Canvas
  Mini Foil Magician Red
  Mini Foil Presidential Gold
  Mini Green
  Mini Green Blank Back
  Mini Printing Plates Black
  Mini Printing Plates Cyan
  Mini Printing Plates Magenta
  Mini Printing Plates Yellow


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