2013 Bowman Platinum

Insert Sets (71)

  Arizona Fall League
  Best Bowman Players Of All Time Blue Sapphire Refractors
  Black Collection Autographs
  Chrome Prospects Atomic Refractors
  Chrome Prospects Blue Refractors
  Chrome Prospects Gold Refractors
  Chrome Prospects Green Refractors
  Chrome Prospects Platinum Ice Refractors
  Chrome Prospects Printing Plates Black
  Chrome Prospects Printing Plates Cyan
  Chrome Prospects Printing Plates Magenta
  Chrome Prospects Printing Plates Yellow
  Chrome Prospects Purple Refractors
  Chrome Prospects Red Refractors
  Chrome Prospects Refractors
  Chrome Prospects Superfractors
  Chrome Prospects X-Fractors
  Cutting Edge Stars
  Cutting Edge Stars Autographs
  Cutting Edge Stars Relics
  Diamond in the Rough
  Diamond in the Rough Autographs

These cards are SN 100 and are Die-Cut.

  Diamond in the Rough Die Cuts
  Dual Autographs
  Jumbo Patches
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Atomic Refractors
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Blue Refractors
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Gold Refractors
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Red Refractors
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Refractors
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Refractors Printing Plates Black
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Refractors Printing Plates Cyan
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Refractors Printing Plates Magenta
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Refractors Printing Plates Yellow
  Jumbo Relic Autographs Superfractors
  Orange National Convention
  Orange National Convention Autographs
  Prospect Autographs
  Prospect Autographs Atomic Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Blue Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Gold Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Green Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Platinum Ice Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Printing Plates Black
  Prospect Autographs Printing Plates Cyan
  Prospect Autographs Printing Plates Magenta
  Prospect Autographs Printing Plates Yellow
  Prospect Autographs Red Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Superfractors
  Prospects Bat Barrels
  Prospects Printing Plates Black
  Prospects Printing Plates Cyan
  Prospects Printing Plates Magenta
  Prospects Printing Plates Yellow
  Purely Platinum Autographs
  Relic Autographs
  Relic Autographs Atomic Refractors
  Relic Autographs Blue Refractors
  Relic Autographs Gold Refractors
  Relic Autographs Printing Plates Black
  Relic Autographs Printing Plates Cyan
  Relic Autographs Printing Plates Magenta
  Relic Autographs Printing Plates Yellow
  Relic Autographs Red Refractors
  Relic Autographs Superfractors
  Top Prospects
  Top Prospects Autographs
  Top Prospects Die Cut
  Triple Autographs

Parallel Sets (7)

  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow


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