2008 Topps


  661   Johan Santana SP   New York Mets
  FS1   Kazuo Uzuki  
  NNO   Fathead Winner Card   New York Mets
  NNO   Topps Town Code Card  
  NNO   Topps of The Class  
  NNO   All Star Rookie Vote  
  BR53   Babe Ruth   New York Yankees
  NNO   Topps Town Gold Code Card  
  NNO   Shea Stadium   New York Mets


  NNO   Topps Camp  

Insert Sets (56)

  1955 Mickey Mantle Reprint
  2007 Highlights Autographed Relics
  2007 Highlights Autographs
  2007 Highlights Dual Relics
  2007 Highlights Relics
  All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary
  All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary Autographs
  All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary Gold Foil Parallels
  All-Rookie Team 50th Anniversary Relics
  All-Rookie Team Promo
  Barry Bonds Home Run History
  Barry Bonds Home Run Triple Relic Cards
  Campaign 2008
  Campaign 2008 Cut Signatures
  Campaign 2008 Gold
  Campaign 2008 Kids Vote
  Campaign 2008 Letter Patches

Cards are unnumbered but distinguished on the reverse by a small "x" over the corresponding letter in the last name.

  Checklists Hobby
  Checklists Hobby - Home Team Advantage (Jumbo)
  Checklists Retail
  Commemorative Patch Relics
  Dick Perez
  Factory Set Cubs Team Bonus
  Factory Set Dodgers Team Bonus
  Factory Set Mets Team Bonus
  Factory Set Mickey Mantle Blue
  Factory Set Mickey Mantle Gold
  Factory Set Red Sox Team Bonus
  Factory Set Rookie Bonus
  Factory Set Tigers Team Bonus
  Factory Set Yankees Team Bonus
  Historical Campaign Match-Ups
  Historical Campaign Match-Ups Cut Signatures
  Home Run Derby Contest
  In the Name Relics
  Mickey Mantle Home Run History
  Mickey Mantle Home Run History Relics
  Mickey Mantle Story
  Own the Game
  Presidential Stamp Collection
  Red Hot Rookie Exchange
  Red Hot Rookie Redemption
  Replica Mini Jersey Cards
  Retail Relics
  Silk Collection
  T205 Relics
  Target Back To School
  Target Factory Bonus
  Target Factory Dick Perez Art
  Topps Stars
  Trading Card History
  World Champion Autograph Relics
  World Champion Relics
  Year in Review

Cards YR121-YR178 were inserted into packs of 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights.

Parallel Sets (8)

  Gold Foil
  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow

Promo Sets (5)

  All-Star Fanfest
  All-Star Fanfest Promos
  All-Star Fanfest Yankee Stadium Patch
  National Baseball Card Day
  Yankee Greats All-Star Game


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