2009 Topps UFC Round 1

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Release Date: Feb 23, 2009

2009 Topps UFC Round 1


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Insertion odds: Cards ABV, ACG, ACK, ACL, ADS, AEH, AGG, AHH, AKF, AKP, AMB, AMG, ARF*, ARH, ATA, ATS, ARCL: 1:15 packs; Cards ABS, AJB, AMR, ATC, AWG, ACBD, ASST: 1:20 packs; Cards AMS, ASS: 1:70 packs; Cards ABB, AHD, ARG, ARL: 1:72 packs; Cards APK, AMDA: 1:94 packs; Cards AAS, AQJ, ARC, AGSP: 1:118 packs; Cards AFG, ABJP: 1:188 packs. *Card ARF is SN440 and was provided as the redemption for exchange card ARH (Robert Huerta) which was never issued. The stated odds are for the ARH exchange card.

  Autographs Red Ink
  Debut Mat Relics
  Debut Mat Relics Dual Autographs
  Debut Mat Relics Gold
  Debut Mat Relics Red
  Top 10 Fights of 2008
  Top 10 Fights of 2008 Gold
  Top 10 Fights of 2008 Red
  Ultimate Gear
  Ultimate Gear Autographs
  Victorious Debut
  Victorious Debut Gold
  Victorious Debut Red

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