2009 Topps UFC Round 2

Insert Sets (29)

  Autographs Red Ink
  Bloodlines Autographs
  Bloodlines Black
  Bloodlines Diamond
  Bloodlines Ruby
  Dual Autograph Fight Mat Relics
  Fight Mat Relics

Insertion odds: Cards FMGM, FMKJ, FMNM, FMRF, FMWS: 1:41 packs; Cards FMCL, FMFG, FMSS: 1:50 packs; Cards FMDS, FMFM, FMJN, FMKF, FMMH, FMNQ, FMPC: 1:51 packs; Cards FMLM, FMTG: 1:93 packs; Cards FMBJP, FMJP: 1:139 packs; Cards FMAJ, FMAS, FMCLY, FMGSP, FMJK, FMRE: 1:206 packs; Cards FMCG, FMDM: 1:3,750 packs.

  Fight Mat Relics Black
  Fight Mat Relics Diamond
  Fight Mat Relics Gold
  Fight Mat Relics Ruby
  Fight Poster
  Greats Of The Game
  Greats Of The Game Black
  Greats Of The Game Diamond
  Greats Of The Game Ruby
  Octagon Of Honor
  Octagon Of Honor Autographs
  Octagon Of Honor Black
  Octagon Of Honor Diamond
  Octagon Of Honor Ruby
  Photo Finish
  TUF Season 10 Autographs
  TUF Season 9 Autographs
  Ultimate Gear
  Ultimate Gear Autographs

Parallel Sets (5)



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