2004 Bowman

Insert Sets (9)

  Coaches Autographs
  Draft Day Selections Relics

Insertion odds, per Hobby pack: Card DJ-RW: 1:465 packs; Card DJ-KW: 1:540 packs; Card DJ-RG: 1:788 packs; Cards DJ-BR, DJ-DH: 1:1,481 packs; Card DJ-EM: 1:1,728 packs; Cards with DJH- prefix: 1:8,640 packs; Cards with DH- or DJD- prefixes: not reported.

  Fabric of the Future

Insertion odds, Hobby packs only: Cards FF-LE, FF-RWI, FF-TB: 1:92 packs; Cards FF-RW, FF-SJ: 1:126 packs; Cards FF-KJ, FF-LM: 1:182 packs; Card FF-KW: 1:480 packs; Cards FF-BR, FF-DH: 1:575 packs; Cards FF-BT, FF-PR: 1:717 packs; Card FF-MJ: 1:949 packs; Card FF-EM: 1:1,728 packs; Card FF-DR: 1:2,908 packs.

  Fabric of the Future Doubles
  Fast Forward Dual Jersey
  Rookie Autographs Blue
  Rookie Autographs Red
  Signs of the Future Autographs

Insertion odds, Hobby packs only: Cards SF-EW, SF-JC, SF-JN, SF-MJ: 1:69 packs; Cards SF-CCL, SF-CP, SF-CPE, SF-JH, SF-MM: 1:91 packs; Cards SF-GJ, SF-MS, SF-TB: 1:192 packs; Card SF-JS: 1:345 packs; Card SF-LE: 1:443 packs; Card SF-KC: 1:866 packs; Card SF-MC: 1:1,239 packs; Card SF-JPL: 1:1,938 packs; Cards SF-KJ, SF-PR: 1:2,160 packs; Card SF-RWO: 1:3,398 packs; Card SF-CC: unstated.

  Signs of the Future Autographs Dual

Parallel Sets (4)

  First Edition
  Uncirculated Gold
  Uncirculated White


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