2003 Bowman

Total Cards: 275

Rating: 6.1 (10 votes)
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2003 Bowman


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Insert Sets (13)

  Draft Day Selection Relics
  Fabric of the Future

Insertion odds: Cards FA-BJ, FA-CB, FA-CR, FA-DR, FA-KK, FA-LJ, FA-OS, FA-TJO, FA-WM: 1:55 packs; Cards FA-AB, FA-AJ, FA-AP, FA-BL, FA-BSP, FA-CB, FA-KB, FA-TJ: 1:621 packs; Cards FA-JF, FA-RG: 1:724 packs.

  Fabric of the Future Doubles
  Franchise Future Jerseys
  Franchise Jerseys
  Future Jerseys
  Paydirt Previews
  Paydirt Previews Gold
  Pigskin Previews
  Pigskin Previews Gold
  Signs of the Future Autographs

Insertion odds, prefix SF- omitted for clarity: Cards BM, EG, KK, LT, MB, NB, QG, SA, TG: 1 per 39 packs; Cards MS, TC, TJ: 1 per 157 packs; Cards RL, TS: 1 per 351 packs; Card JF: 1 per 519 packs; Card AC: 1 per 869 packs; Cards BJ, CB, KB, LS: 1 per 1,242 packs; Cards BB, JT: 1 per 1,748 packs; Card OS: 1 per 1,830 packs; Card KW: 1 per 2,494 packs: Cards AJ, CR: 1 per 2,918 packs; Cards CS, KD, LJ: 1 per 8,837 packs

  Signs of the Future Autographs Doubles
  Signs of the Future Autographs Triples

Parallel Sets (2)

  Uncirculated Gold
  Uncirculated Silver


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