1998 UD Choice


  DY2   Troy Aikman   Dallas Cowboys

Insert Sets (12)

  Domination Next SE
  Mini Bobbing Head
  NFL GameDay 99 Contest Game Pieces

Inserted 1:2 specially-marked packs. Collectors needed to spell out "NFL GAMEDAY 99" to win a prize. "N", "F", "L", "G", "M", "E", "D" and "Y" inserted 1:11 packs, "A" inserted 1:6 packs, silver "99" has a print run of 200, and gold "99" has a print run of 10.

  StarQuest Blue
  StarQuest Gold

Serial numbered to 100

  StarQuest Green
  StarQuest Red
  StarQuest/RookQuest Blue
  StarQuest/RookQuest Gold

Serial numbered to 100

  StarQuest/RookQuest Green
  StarQuest/RookQuest Red

Parallel Sets (2)

  Choice Reserve
  Prime Choice Reserve

Serial numbered to 100


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