2022 Topps MLS

Total Cards: 200

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  • Release Date: Jun 1, 2022

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2022 Topps MLS

Insert Sets (24)


Odds 1:61 packs

  Big City Strikers

Odds 1:144 packs

  Big City Strikers Black

Odds 1:37,096 packs

  Big City Strikers Orange

Odds 1:697 packs

  Big City Strikers Red

Odds 1:3,629 packs

  International Players

Odds 1:4 packs

  International Players Black

Odds 1:27,822 packs

  International Players Orange

Odds 1:569 packs

  International Players Red

Odds 1:2,929 packs

  Nameplate Patches

Serial Numbered 4 or less Odds 1:14,516 packs


Odds 1:11 packs

  Relics Autographs

Odds 1:493 packs

  Relics Autographs Black

Odds 1:41,733 packs

  Relics Black

Odds 1:6,547 packs

  Relics Gold

Odds 1:135 packs

  Relics Orange

Odds 1:269 packs


Odds 1:6 packs

  Scholarly Black

Odds 1:37,096 packs

  Scholarly Orange

Odds 1:697 packs

  Scholarly Red

Odds 1:3,629 packs

  Topps 22 Minis

Odds 1:6 packs

  Topps 22 Minis Black

Odds 1:27,822 packs

  Topps 22 Minis Orange

Odds 1:559 packs

  Topps 22 Minis Red

Odds 1:2,929 packs

Parallel Sets (10)


Odds 1:3629 packs


Odds 1:37 packs


Odds 1:73 packs

  Gold FoilFractor

Retail only Odds 1:2,569 packs


Odds 1:49 packs

  Icy Black Foil

Retail only Odds 1:260 packs

  Icy Blue Foil

Retail only Odds 1:104 packs

  Icy White Foil

Retail only Odds 1:3 packs


Odds 1:70 packs


Odds 1:365 packs


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