2021-22 Stadium Club Chrome Bundesliga

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  • Release Date: May 25, 2022

2021-22 Stadium Club Chrome Bundesliga

Insert Sets (47)

  Autographs Black Refractor
  Autographs Blue Wave Refractor
  Autographs Gold Prism Refractor
  Autographs Neon Green Refractor
  Autographs Orange Prism Refractor
  Autographs Red Wave Refractor
  Autographs SuperFractor
  Ball Artists
  Ball Artists Autographs
  Ball Artists Autographs FoilFractor
  Ball Artists Black Refractor
  Ball Artists Gold Refractor
  Ball Artists Orange Refractor
  Ball Artists Red Refractor
  Ball Artists SuperFractor
  Bundesliga Stars
  Bundesliga Stars Autographs
  Bundesliga Stars Autographs FoilFractor
  Bundesliga Stars Black Refractor
  Bundesliga Stars Gold Refractor
  Bundesliga Stars Red Refractor
  Bundesliga Stars SuperFractor
  Club Icon
  Club Icon Autographs
  Club Icon Autographs FoilFractor
  Club Icon Black Refractor
  Club Icon Gold Refractor
  Club Icon Orange Refractor
  Club Icon Red Refractor
  Club Icon SuperFractor
  Golden Promises
  Golden Promises Autographs
  Golden Promises Autographs FoilFractor
  Golden Promises Black Refractor
  Golden Promises Gold Refractor
  Golden Promises Orange Refractor
  Golden Promises Red Refractor
  Golden Promises SuperFractor
  Line Runners
  Line Runners Autographs
  Line Runners Autographs FoilFractor
  Line Runners Black Refractor
  Line Runners Gold Refractor
  Line Runners Orange Refractor
  Line Runners Red Refractor
  Line Runners SuperFractor

Parallel Sets (15)

  Aqua Refractor
  Aqua/Green Electric Charge Refractor
  Blue X-Fractor
  Gold Refractor
  Green Refractor
  Green/Yellow Electric Charge Refractor
  Orange Refractor
  Orange/Blue Electric Charge Refractor
  Orange/Yellow Wave Electric Charge Refractor
  Purple Refractor
  Red Refractor
  Red/Orange Electric Charge Refractor
  Wave Refractor


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