2021 Panini Illusions

Insert Sets (208)

  Clear Shots
  Clear Shots Black

Serial numbered to 50

  Clear Shots Emerald
  Clear Shots Gold

Serial numbered to 25

  Clear Shots Green

Serial numbered to 10

  Clear Shots Light Blue

Serial numbered to 299

  Clear Shots Mosaic
  Clear Shots Orange
  Clear Shots Pink

Serial numbered to 399

  Clear Shots Purple

Serial numbered to 1

  Clear Shots Rainbow
  Clear Shots Red

Serial numbered to 149

  Clear Shots Sapphire
  Clear Shots Signatures
  Clear Shots Signatures Black
  Clear Shots Signatures Gold
  Clear Shots Signatures Green
  Clear Shots Signatures Light Blue
  Clear Shots Signatures Pink
  Clear Shots Signatures Purple
  Clear Shots Signatures Red
  Clear Shots Sparkle
  Clear Shots Stardust
  Deja Vu
  Deja Vu Black
  Deja Vu Blue
  Deja Vu Gold
  Deja Vu Green
  Deja Vu Purple
  Deja Vu Red
  Elusive Ink
  Elusive Ink Black
  Elusive Ink Blue
  Elusive Ink Gold
  Elusive Ink Green
  Elusive Ink Purple
  Elusive Ink Red
  Great Expectations
  Highlight Swatches
  Highlight Swatches Black
  Highlight Swatches Blue
  Highlight Swatches Gold
  Highlight Swatches Green
  Highlight Swatches Purple
  Highlight Swatches Red
  Illusionists Autographs
  Illusionists Autographs Black
  Illusionists Autographs Gold
  Illusionists Autographs Green
  Illusionists Autographs Light Blue
  Illusionists Autographs Pink
  Illusionists Autographs Purple
  Illusionists Autographs Red
  Illusionists Black
  Illusionists Emerald
  Illusionists Gold
  Illusionists Green
  Illusionists Light Blue
  Illusionists Mosaic
  Illusionists Orange
  Illusionists Pink
  Illusionists Purple
  Illusionists Rainbow
  Illusionists Red
  Illusionists Sapphire
  Illusionists Sparkle
  Illusionists Stardust
  Immortalized Jersey Autographs
  Immortalized Jersey Autographs Black
  Immortalized Jersey Autographs Blue
  Immortalized Jersey Autographs Gold
  Immortalized Jersey Autographs Green
  Immortalized Jersey Autographs Purple
  Immortalized Jersey Autographs Red
  Ink Blots
  Ink Blots Black
  Ink Blots Gold
  Ink Blots Green
  Ink Blots Purple
  Ink Blots Red
  Instant Impact
  Instant Impact Black
  Instant Impact Blue
  Instant Impact Gold
  Instant Impact Green
  Instant Impact Purple
  Instant Impact Red
  King of Cards
  King of Cards Black
  King of Cards Emerald
  King of Cards Gold
  King of Cards Green
  King of Cards Light Blue
  King of Cards Mosaic
  King of Cards Orange
  King of Cards Pink
  King of Cards Purple
  King of Cards Rainbow
  King of Cards Red
  King of Cards Sapphire
  King of Cards Sparkle
  King of Cards Stardust
  Limelight Signatures
  Limelight Signatures Black
  Limelight Signatures Blue
  Limelight Signatures Gold
  Limelight Signatures Green
  Limelight Signatures Purple
  Limelight Signatures Red
  Mirage Ink
  Mirage Ink Black
  Mirage Ink Gold
  Mirage Ink Green
  Mirage Ink Purple
  Mirage Ink Red
  Mystique Autographs
  Mystique Autographs Black
  Mystique Autographs Gold
  Mystique Autographs Green
  Mystique Autographs Light Blue
  Mystique Autographs Pink
  Mystique Autographs Purple
  Mystique Autographs Red
  Mystique Black
  Mystique Emerald
  Mystique Gold
  Mystique Green
  Mystique Light Blue
  Mystique Mosaic
  Mystique Orange
  Mystique Pink
  Mystique Purple
  Mystique Rainbow
  Mystique Red
  Mystique Sapphire
  Mystique Sparkle
  Mystique Stardust
  Rookie Endorsements
  Rookie Endorsements Gold
  Rookie Endorsements Green
  Rookie Endorsements Purple
  Rookie Endorsements Red
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Black
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Blue
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Gold
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Green
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Purple
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Red
  Rookie Reflections Dual Patch Autographs
  Rookie Reflections Dual Patch Autographs Black
  Rookie Reflections Dual Patch Autographs Blue
  Rookie Reflections Dual Patch Autographs Gold
  Rookie Reflections Dual Patch Autographs Green
  Rookie Reflections Dual Patch Autographs Purple
  Rookie Reflections Dual Patch Autographs Red
  Rookie Signs
  Rookie Signs Black
  Rookie Signs Blue
  Rookie Signs Gold
  Rookie Signs Green
  Rookie Signs Orange
  Rookie Signs Purple
  Rookie Signs Red
  Rookie Vision Signatures
  Rookie Vision Signatures Black
  Rookie Vision Signatures Gold
  Rookie Vision Signatures Green
  Rookie Vision Signatures Purple
  Rookie Vision Signatures Red
  Shining Stars
  Shining Stars Black
  Shining Stars Emerald
  Shining Stars Gold
  Shining Stars Green
  Shining Stars Light Blue
  Shining Stars Mosaic
  Shining Stars Orange
  Shining Stars Pink
  Shining Stars Purple
  Shining Stars Rainbow
  Shining Stars Red
  Shining Stars Sapphire
  Shining Stars Signatures
  Shining Stars Signatures Black
  Shining Stars Signatures Gold
  Shining Stars Signatures Green
  Shining Stars Signatures Light Blue
  Shining Stars Signatures Pink
  Shining Stars Signatures Purple
  Shining Stars Signatures Red
  Shining Stars Sparkle
  Shining Stars Stardust
  Superlatives Gold
  Superlatives Green
  Superlatives Orange
  Superlatives Purple
  Superlatives Red
  Trophy Collection Signatures
  Trophy Collection Signatures Black
  Trophy Collection Signatures Gold
  Trophy Collection Signatures Green
  Trophy Collection Signatures Purple
  Trophy Collection Signatures Red

Parallel Sets (28)


Cards have blue foil stamping on the front and are thinner than Hobby

  Trophy Collection Black Ice
  Trophy Collection Blue
  Trophy Collection Bronze
  Trophy Collection Conference
  Trophy Collection Diamond
  Trophy Collection Division
  Trophy Collection Dots
  Trophy Collection Emerald
  Trophy Collection Galaxy
  Trophy Collection Gold
  Trophy Collection Green
  Trophy Collection Hyper
  Trophy Collection Light Blue
  Trophy Collection Orange
  Trophy Collection Pink
  Trophy Collection Platinum
  Trophy Collection Purple
  Trophy Collection Red
  Trophy Collection Ruby
  Trophy Collection Sapphire
  Trophy Collection Starlight
  Trophy Collection Sunburst
  Trophy Collection Super Bowl
  Trophy Collection Teal
  Trophy Collection Wild Card
  Trophy Collection Yellow
  Trophy Collection Yellow Diamond


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