2020 Score

Insert Sets (81)

  3D Gold
  3D Green
  3D Purple
  3D Red
  All Hands Team
  All Hands Team End Zone
  All Hands Team Gem Masters
  All Hands Team Gold Zone
  All Hands Team Red Zone
  All Hands Team Showcase
  Breakthrough End Zone
  Breakthrough Gem Masters
  Breakthrough Gold Zone
  Breakthrough Red Zone
  Breakthrough Showcase
  Celebration End Zone
  Celebration Gem Masters
  Celebration Gold Zone
  Celebration Red Zone
  Celebration Showcase
  Deep Dive
  Deep Dive Gold
  Deep Dive Green
  Deep Dive Purple
  Deep Dive Red
  Fantasy Stars
  Fantasy Stars End Zone
  Fantasy Stars Gem Masters
  Fantasy Stars Gold Zone
  Fantasy Stars Red Zone
  Fantasy Stars Showcase
  First Score
  Freshman Flashbacks
  Game Face
  Game Face Gold
  Game Face Green
  Game Face Purple
  Game Face Red
  Huddle Up
  Huddle Up Gold
  Huddle Up Green
  Huddle Up Purple
  Huddle Up Red
  In the Zone
  In the Zone Gold
  In the Zone Green
  In the Zone Purple
  In the Zone Red
  Next Level Stats
  Next Level Stats Gold
  Next Level Stats Green
  Next Level Stats Purple
  Next Level Stats Red
  Next Up
  NFL Draft
  NFL Draft End Zone
  NFL Draft Gem Masters
  NFL Draft Gold Zone
  NFL Draft Red Zone
  NFL Draft Showcase
  Rise Up
  Signatures Artist's Proof
  Signatures End Zone
  Signatures First Down
  Signatures Gem Masters
  Signatures Gold Zone
  Signatures Green
  Signatures Red Zone
  Tom Brady Score Tribute
  Tom Brady Score Tribute Autographs
  Under the Radar
  Under the Radar End Zone
  Under the Radar Gem Masters
  Under the Radar Gold Zone
  Under the Radar Red Zone
  Under the Radar Showcase

Parallel Sets (18)

  Artist's Proof
  End Zone
  First Down
  Gem Masters
  Gold Zone
  Printing Plate Black
  Printing Plate Cyan
  Printing Plate Magenta
  Printing Plate Yellow
  Red Zone


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