2018-19 Panini Immaculate Collection

Total Cards: 138

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Release Date: 10-18-2019

2018-19 Panini Immaculate Collection

Insert Sets (86)

  All-Time Greats Signatures
  Brand Logos
  Dual Autographs
  Dual Patches Jersey Number
  Dual Rookie Logoman Autographs
  Heralded Signatures
  Heralded Signatures Blue
  Heralded Signatures Gold
  Heralded Signatures Platinum
  Heralded Signatures Red
  Immaculate Inductions
  Immaculate Ink
  Immaculate Ink Blue
  Immaculate Ink Gold
  Immaculate Ink Platinum
  Immaculate Ink Red
  Immaculate Introductions
  Immaculate Milestones
  Immaculate Moments
  Jumbo Patches - Jersey Number
  Jumbo Patches - Nameplate Nobility
  Jumbo Patches - Team Logo
  Logoman Autographs
  Marks of Greatness
  Massive Memorabilia
  Materials Gold
  Materials Platinum
  Materials Red
  Modern Marks
  Modern Marks Blue
  Modern Marks Gold
  Modern Marks Platinum
  Modern Marks Red
  Patch Autographs
  Patch Autographs Gold
  Patch Autographs Jersey Number
  Patch Autographs Premium Edition
  Patch Autographs Red
  Patch Autographs Tags
  Patch Autographs Tags Premium Edition
  Patches Jersey Number
  Premium Patch Autographs
  Premium Patch Autographs Gold
  Premium Patch Autographs Platinum
  Premium Patch Autographs Red
  Quad Autographs
  Remarkable Memorabilia
  Remarkable Memorabilia Gold
  Remarkable Memorabilia Platinum
  Remarkable Memorabilia Red
  Remarkable Rookie Jerseys
  Remarkable Rookie Jerseys Gold
  Remarkable Rookie Jerseys Platinum
  Remarkable Rookie Jerseys Red
  Rookie Logoman Autographs
  Rookie Patch Autographs Jersey Number
  Rookie Patch Autographs Premium Edition
  Rookie Patch Autographs Tags
  Rookie Patch Autographs Tags Premium Edition
  Shadowbox Signatures
  Sneak Peek - Brand Logo
  Sneak Peek - Heel Logo
  Sneak Peek - Laces
  Sneak Peek - Tongue Logo
  Sneaker Swatches Signatures
  Sneaker Swatches Signatures Gold
  Sneaker Swatches Signatures Jumbo
  Sneaker Swatches Signatures Jumbo Gold
  Sneaker Swatches Signatures Jumbo Platinum
  Sneaker Swatches Signatures Jumbo Red
  Sneaker Swatches Signatures Platinum
  Sneaker Swatches Signatures Red
  Sole of the Game
  Standout Memorabilia
  Standout Memorabilia Gold
  Standout Memorabilia Platinum
  Standout Memorabilia Red
  Swatches Gold
  Swatches Platinum
  Swatches Red
  Team Slogans
  The Standard
  Triple Autographs

Parallel Sets (4)



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