2006 Topps


  RC1   Alay Soler   New York Mets
  NNO   2 Tickets Exchange EXCH  
  NNO   Topps of the Class Ad  


  NNO   Alex Rodriguez   New York Yankees

Insert Sets (42)

  2K All-Stars
  2K All-Stars Autograph
  Autographs Green

Insertion odds, per Hobby, HTA, Mini, Rack, and Retail packs: Cards RA-BC, TA-CO, TA-CV, TA-JB, TA-JP: 1:510/190/1,125/325/506 packs; Cards TA-BM, TA-CB, TA-RC, TA-RZ: 1:2,030/575/3,390/966/2,025 packs; Card TA-AJ, TA-BR, TA-DD, TA-DL, TA-DS, TA-DSN, TA-GC, TA-WP: 1:4,060/1,150/6,800/1,940/1,400 packs; Cards TA-DJ, TA-GA, TA-JF, TA-SK: 1:4,750/1,000/6,500/2,000/4,750 packs; Card TA-BB: 1:70,000/12,000/125,000/33,000/80,000 packs; Card TA-AR: 1:160,000/48,000/350,000/90,000/150,000 packs.

  Barry Bonds Chase to 715
  Bonds Home Run History

Inserted 1:4 Series One Hobby and Retail packs, 1:2 Rack packs and 1:4 Hanger packs. Cards can be found in 2005 Topps Series 2, 2005 Topps Update/HL, 2006 Topps Series 1, 2006 Topps Update/HL and 2007 Topps Update/HL. This set contains 661-708.

  Box Bottoms
  Checklist Blue
  Checklist Green

Hobby Edition

  Checklist Red

Retail Edition

  Factory Set Rookie Bonus
  Factory Set Team Bonus
  Hit Parade
  Hobby Masters
  Home Run Derby Contest
  Mantle Home Run History Bat Relics
  Mantle Home Run History Cut Signature
  Mickey Mantle Home Run History
  Opening Day
  Opening Day Relics

The 11 Ball relics were SN50 and were inserted 1:8,800 Hobby, 1:21,000 Retail, 1:25,000 Mini, and 1:22,000 HTA packs; the 4 Base relics were not numbered and were inserted 1:810 H, 1:1,200 R, 1:3,075 M, and 1:2,850 HTA.

  Own the Game
  Rookie of the Week
  Rookie of the Year Contest
  Signers of the Declaration of Independence
  Signers of the Declaration of Independence Cut Signatures
  Target Factory Set Mantle Memorabilia
  Team Topps Autographs
  The Mantle Collection
  The Mantle Collection Bat Relics
  The Mantle Collection Bat Relics Black
  The Mantle Collection Black
  The Mantle Collection Gold
  Trading Places
  Trading Places Autographed Relics
  Trading Places Autographs

Insertion odds, per Hobby, Retail, HTA, Rack, and Mini pack: Cards TPA-BW, TPA-JE, TPA-ML, TPA-TS: 1:4,280 H, 1:4,200 R, 1:1,175 HTA, 1:2,040 RK, 1:7,200 M; Cards TPA-BR, TPA-PL: 1:18,000 H, 1:17,000 R, 1:5,100 HTA, 1:8,700 RK, 1:30,000 M; Card TPA-KJ: 1:110,000 H, 1:150,000 R, 1:28,000 HTA, 1:160,000 RK, 1:250,000 M.

  Trading Places Relics
  United States Constitution
  United States Constitution Cut Signatures
  World Series Champion Relics

Parallel Sets (7)

  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow

Promo Sets (1)



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