2018 Panini Prizm


  NNO   Super Bowl LIII Kid Reporter  

Insert Sets (62)

  2018 HOF Tribute Prizm
  2018 HOF Tribute Prizm Black Finite
  2018 HOF Tribute Prizm Gold Mojo
  Apex Prizm
  Apex Prizm Black Finite
  Apex Prizm Gold Mojo
  Grit Prizm
  Grit Prizm Black Finite
  Grit Prizm Gold Mojo
  Hall of Fame Prizm
  Hall of Fame Prizm Black Finite
  Hall of Fame Prizm Gold Mojo
  Hall of Fame Prizm Green
  Hype Prizm
  Hype Prizm Black Finite
  Hype Prizm Gold Mojo
  Hype Prizm Green
  Illumination Prizm
  Illumination Prizm Black Finite
  Illumination Prizm Gold Mojo
  Illumination Prizm Green
  Instant Impact Prizm
  Instant Impact Prizm Black Finite
  Instant Impact Prizm Gold Mojo
  Instant Impact Prizm Green
  Patented Penmanship Prizm
  Patented Penmanship Prizm Black Finite
  Patented Penmanship Prizm Gold
  Prizm Premier Jerseys
  Prizm Premier Jerseys Pink
  Prizm Premier Jerseys Prime
  Prizm Premier Jerseys Super Prime
  Rookie Autographs Prizm
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Black Finite
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Blue Scope
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Blue Shimmer
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Camo
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Disco
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Gold
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Gold Vinyl
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Green
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Green Crystals
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Lazer
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Neon Green Pulsar
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Pink
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Purple Power
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Red Wave
  Rookie Autographs Prizm Red White and Blue
  Rookie Introduction Prizm
  Rookie Introduction Prizm Black Finite
  Rookie Introduction Prizm Gold Mojo
  Rookie Introduction Prizm Green
  Rookie Patch Autographs Prizm
  Rookie Patch Autographs Prizm Black Finite
  Rookie Patch Autographs Prizm Gold
  Rookie Patch Autographs Prizm Purple Power
  Stained Glass Prizm
  Stained Glass Prizm Black Finite
  Stained Glass Prizm Gold Mojo
  Trifecta Prizm
  Trifecta Prizm Black Finite
  Trifecta Prizm Gold Mojo

Parallel Sets (22)

  Prizm Black Finite
  Prizm Blue

Target Gravity Exclusive

  Prizm Blue Scope
  Prizm Blue Shimmer
  Prizm Camo
  Prizm Disco

Target Blaster Exclusive

  Prizm Gold
  Prizm Gold Vinyl
  Prizm Green
  Prizm Green Crystals
  Prizm Hyper
  Prizm Lazer

Blaster Exclusive

  Prizm Light Blue

Hobby Exclusive

  Prizm Neon Green Pulsar

Mega Box Exclusive

  Prizm Orange
  Prizm Pink
  Prizm Purple Power
  Prizm Red

Target Gravity Exclusive

  Prizm Red Wave
  Prizm Red White and Blue
  Prizm White Sparkle


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