2005 Bowman Heritage

Total Cards: 350

Rating: 6.2 (17 votes)
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  • Release Date: Dec 28, 2005

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2005 Bowman Heritage


  NNO   Roop Binder Redemption  

Insert Sets (12)

  ‘51 Topps Heritage Blue Backs
  ‘51 Topps Heritage Red Backs
  Draft Pick Variation
  Future Greatness Jersey Relics

Insertion odds, per Hobby and Retail pack: Cards FG-AH, FG-AM, FG-AMA, FG-BB, FG-GF, FG-JB, FG-JCO, FG-JF, FG-JM, FG-MC, FG-RW, FG-VM, FG-YP: 1:61 H, 1:210 R; Cards FG-JG, FG-JP, FG-TB, FG-WL: 1:141 H, 1:500 R; Cards FG-DM, FG-EE, FG-FP, FG-SC: 1:205 H, 1:875 R; Cards FG-CE, FG-JC, FG-JGA, FG-JMA, FG-KH, FG-RG: 1:270 H, 1:1,237 R; Cards FG-BT, FG-DY, FG-FC, FG-JK: 1:1,004 H, 1:3,350 R.

  Future Greatness Rainbow Jersey Relics
  Future Greatness Rainbow Red Jersey Relics
  Pieces of Greatness Rainbow Red Relics
  Pieces of Greatness Rainbow Relics
  Pieces of Greatness Relics

Insertion odds, per Hobby and Retail pack: Cards PG-AP, PG-BR, PG-CB, PG-CD, PG-DWR, PG-JB, PG-JD, PG-JS, PG-JT, PG-MM, PG-MMO, PG-MR, PG-PK, PG-PM, PG-TG, PG-TH: 1:47 H, 1:155 R; Cards PG-BC, PG-BZ, PG-DW, PG-EC, PG-IS, PG-JG, PG-MT: 1:55 H, 1:188 R; Cards PG-AD, PG-AR, PG-BB, PG-BM, PG-JK, PG-MC, PG-RC, PG-RH: 1:167 H, 1:555 R.

  Signs of Greatness

Insertion odds of 1:40 per Hobby and Retail pack, except cards SG-AG, SG-DP, SG-HS, SG-JH, SG-JP, SG-SE: 1:74 H, 1:75 R; and cards SG-CT, SG-DJ, SG-DL, SG-MB, SG-PB, SG-ZJ: 1:153 H, 1:154 R.

  Signs of Greatness Red Ink

Parallel Sets (7)

  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow


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