2004 Bazooka

Insert Sets (10)

  4-on-1 Stickers
  Adventures Relics

Insertion odds, per Hobby and Retail pack: Cards BA-AJ, BA-AP, BA-AR2, BA-CE, BA-CJ, BA-DW, BA-EA, BA-GM, BA-JG, BA-LB, BA-LC, BA-ML, BA-MP2, BA-RP1, BA-RP2, BA-SC, BA-TAH2: 1:57 H, 1:80 R; Cards BA-AS, BA-CG, BA-HN, BA-JT, BA-JW, BA-MB, BA-MCM, BA-MP1, BA-MR, BA-NG, BA-PL, BA-RJ, BA-SG, BA-VG: 1:74 H, 1:104 R; Cards BA-AR1, BA-CJ, BA-JDG, BA-JO, BA-KM, BA-MT, BA-PB, BA-PW: 1:86 H, 1:119 R; Cards BA-AD1, BA-AD2, BA-BG, BA-BP, BA-CB, BA-CS, BA-EC, BA-JB, BA-KB, BA-KW, BA-LG, BA-LW, BA-MM, BA-MV, BA-TEG, BA-TG, BA-TH: 1:134 H, 1:187 R; Cards BA-BW, BA-BZ, BA-CF, BA-JK, BA-PK, BA-TAH1, BA-TJS: 1:207 H, 1:289 R.

  Adventures Relics Parallel 25
  Bazooka One-Liners Relics

Inserted 1:62 Hobby, 1:86 Retail, except BOL-GB, BOL-JB, BOL-JC, BOL-KH, BOL-KP1, BOL-KP2, BOL-MS, BOL-RC, BOL-RS, BOL-WB1, BOL-WB2: 1:98 H, 1:136 R.

  Bazooka One-Liners Relics Parallel 25
  Blasts Bat Relics

Inserted 1:29 Hobby, 1:40 Retail, except BB-AD, BB-AH, BB-AJG, BB-AS, BB-BF, BB-BW, BB-CB, BB-CC, BB-CG, BB-CIB, BB-CL, BB-CP, BB-DM, BB-FM, BB-HB, BB-JB, BB-JG, BB-JNB, BB-JO, BB-JP, BB-LG, BB-MA, BB-MAT, BB-MCT, BB-MP, BB-MT, BB-NG, BB-PK, BB-PL, BB-RB, BB-SR, BB-SS, BB-TG, BB-TH, BB-TJS, BB-TM, BB-VW: 1:62 H, 1:86 R.

  Blasts Bat Relics Parallel 25

Parallel Sets (2)

  Red Chunks


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