2004 Donruss

Insert Sets (52)

  All-Stars American League
  All-Stars American League Black
  All-Stars National League
  All-Stars National League Black
  Bat Kings
  Bat Kings Studio Series
  Craftsmen Black
  Diamond Kings
  Diamond Kings Black
  Diamond Kings Orange County
  Diamond Kings Studio Series
  Elite Series
  Elite Series Black
  Elite Series Dominators
  Inside View
  Jersey Kings
  Jersey Kings Studio Series
  Longball Leaders
  Longball Leaders Black
  Longball Leaders Die Cut
  Master Craftsmen
  Mound Marvels
  Mound Marvels Black
  Power Alley Black Die Cut
  Power Alley Blue
  Power Alley Blue Die Cut
  Power Alley Green
  Power Alley Green Die Cut
  Power Alley Purple
  Power Alley Purple Die Cut
  Power Alley Red
  Power Alley Red Die Cut
  Power Alley Yellow
  Power Alley Yellow Die Cut
  Production Line Average
  Production Line Average Black
  Production Line Average Die Cut
  Production Line OBP
  Production Line OBP Black
  Production Line OBP Die Cut
  Production Line OPS
  Production Line OPS Black
  Production Line OPS Die Cut
  Production Line Slugging
  Production Line Slugging Black
  Production Line Slugging Die Cut
  Recollection Autographs
  Timber and Threads
  Timber and Threads Autographs
  Timber and Threads Studio Series

Parallel Sets (7)

  Orange County
  Press Proofs Black
  Press Proofs Blue
  Press Proofs Gold
  Press Proofs Red
  Stat Line Career
  Stat Line Season


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