2017 Topps High Tek

Insert Sets (20)

  Clubhouse Image Variations
  Clubhouse Image Variations Autographs
  Clubhouse Image Variations Gold Galactic Diffractor
  High Tek Autographs
  High Tek Autographs Blackout
  High Tek Autographs Blue Rainbow
  High Tek Autographs Gold Galactic Diffractor
  High Tek Autographs Green Rainbow
  High Tek Autographs Orange Magma Diffractor
  High Tek Autographs Red Orbit Diffractor
  Jubilation Autographs
  Jubilation Gold Galactic Diffractor
  Rookie Tek
  Rookie Tek Autographs
  Rookie Tek Gold Galactic Diffractor
  Tek Buyback Autographs
  TwiliTEK Autographs
  TwiliTEK Gold Galactic Diffractor

Parallel Sets (16)

  Blue Rainbow Diffractor
  Gold Galactic Diffractor
  Green Rainbow Diffractor
  Orange Magma Diffractor
  Pattern 2A - Braids / 2B - Chainlink Hexagons

Approximate total per box: 8-9

  Pattern 2A - Braids / 2B - Chainlink Hexagons Blackout
  Pattern 3A - Camo Stripes / 3B - Lightning

Approximate total per box: 6

  Pattern 4A - Hexagons and Circles / 4B Spiral Dots

Approximate total per box: 4

  Pattern 5A - Squiggles / Pattern 5B - Vertical Waves

Approximate total per box: 2

  Pattern 6A - Stadium / 6B - Shatter

Approximate total per box: 1

  Pattern 7A - Spiral Grid / 7B - Diamond X

Approximate total per box: less than 1

  Pattern 8A - Snowflake / 8B Web

SpecTekular Diffractor, SN15, Approx 1 per case

  Pattern 9
  Red Orbit Diffractor
  Tidal Diffractor


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