2002 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

Insert Sets (4)

  Fabric of the Future Relics
  Freshman Fiber
  Signs of the Future

Insertion odds: Cards SOF-BP, SOF-JEM, SOF-JM, SOF-JK, SOF-NJ, SOF-TB, SOF-TL: 1:100 packs; Cards SOF-CT, SOF-DD, SOF-EB, SOF-KH, SOF-LN, SOF-MF, SOF-MJ: 1:110 packs; Cards SOF-BI, SOF-BS, SOF-LB, SOF-ME: 1:386 packs; Card SOF-BK: 1:1,028 packs; Card SOF-CP: 1:1,103 packs; Card SOF-JW: 1:2,087 packs.

  Team Topps Legends Autographs

Parallel Sets (5)

  Chrome Gold Refractors
  Chrome Refractors
  Chrome X-Fractors


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