2001 Topps


  TK   Bo Jackson / Deion Sanders MEM   Kansas City Royals / Cincinnati Reds
  410   Bobby Thomson / Ralph Branca AU   New York Giants / Brooklyn Dodgers
  NNO   Home Team Advantage  
  NNO   50 Years Apparel & Accessories   Atlanta Braves
  NNO   2001 Major League Baseball Cards Series 2   Colorado Rockies

Insert Sets (23)

  2001-2003 Team Topps Legends Autographs

Part of a large cross-promotional release from Topps during 2001-2003 featuring autographed reprints of player rookie cards and final cards. #TT22F and #TT22R do not exist.

  A Look Ahead
  A Tradition Continues
  Base Hit Autograph Relics
  Before There Was Topps
  Checklists Series 1 Green (HTA)
  Checklists Series 1 Red (Hobby)
  Checklists Series 1 Yellow (Retail)
  Checklists Series 2 Green (HTA)
  Checklists Series 2 Red (Hobby)
  Checklists Series 2 Yellow (Retail)
  Future Archives Rookie Reprints

Included in Factory Sets, 5 per pack in each set.

  Future Archives Rookie Reprints Gold Border

Included in Home Team Advantage Factory Sets, 5 per pack in each set.

  Golden Anniversary
  Golden Anniversary Autographs
  Hit Parade Bat Relics
  King of Kings Relics
  Originals Relics
  Press Release Jumbos
  Through the Years Reprints
  What Could Have Been

Parallel Sets (3)


Serial numbered to 2001

  Home Team Advantage

Cards have a "Home Team Advantage" gold foil stamping on the front


Print run of 3905

Promo Sets (2)

  For Topps Employees

Distributed to Topps employees as a gift/bonus. Cards have a "For Topps Employees" stamp on the front


Card numbers have a "PP" prefix and "PREPRODUCTION CARD" is printed on the 2000 stat line on the back.


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