2016 Donruss Elite

Insert Sets (93)

  Back to the Future
  Back to the Future Prime
  Back to the Future Signatures
  Back to the Future Signatures Gold
  Back to the Future Super Prime
  Craftsmen Blue
  Craftsmen Gold
  Craftsmen Green
  Craftsmen Orange
  Craftsmen Purple
  Craftsmen Red
  Elite Coverage

The MEM Note in this set refers to unspecified Player-worn material relics.

  Elite Coverage Prime
  Elite Coverage Super Prime
  Elite Rookie Autographs
  Elite Rookie Autographs Gold
  Elite Rookie Autographs Green
  Elite Rookie Autographs Orange
  Elite Rookie Autographs Red
  Elite Signatures
  Elite Signatures Gold
  Elitist Blue
  Elitist Gold
  Epic Materials
  Epic Materials Prime
  Epic Materials Super Prime
  Etched in Time
  Etched in Time Blue
  Etched in Time Gold
  Etched in Time Green
  Etched in Time Orange
  Etched in Time Purple
  Etched in Time Red
  Field Vision
  Field Vision Blue
  Field Vision Gold
  Field Vision Green
  Field Vision Orange
  Field Vision Purple
  Field Vision Red
  Game Face
  Game Face Blue
  Game Face Gold
  Game Face Green
  Game Face Orange
  Game Face Purple
  Game Face Red
  Greatest Hits
  Greatest Hits Blue
  Greatest Hits Gold
  Home Field Advantage
  Home Field Advantage Blue
  Home Field Advantage Gold
  Lineage Blue
  Lineage Gold
  Lineage Green
  Lineage Orange
  Lineage Purple
  Lineage Red
  Master Craftsmen
  Master Craftsmen Blue
  Master Craftsmen Gold
  Master Craftsmen Green
  Master Craftsmen Orange
  Master Craftsmen Purple
  Master Craftsmen Red
  Monument Marks
  Monument Marks Gold
  Passing the Torch Signatures
  Passing the Torch Signatures Gold
  Pen Pals Autographs
  Pen Pals Autographs Green Ink
  Pen Pals Autographs Red Ink
  Pen Pals Triples
  Pen Pals Triples Green Ink
  Pen Pals Triples Red Ink
  Prime Numbers 1st
  Prime Numbers 2nd
  Prime Numbers 3rd
  Rookie Aspirations
  Rookie Aspirations Blue
  Rookie Aspirations Gold
  Throwback Threads
  Throwback Threads Prime
  Throwback Threads Super Prime
  Turn of the Century Autographs
  Turn of the Century Autographs Gold
  Turn of the Century Autographs Green
  Turn of the Century Autographs Orange
  Turn of the Century Autographs Red

Parallel Sets (12)

  Plates and Patches Printing Plates Black
  Plates and Patches Printing Plates Magenta
  Plates and Patches Printing Plates Yellow
  Retail Green


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