Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I browse the database by team?

    Click on the "Browse" menu at the top of the screen, select a category, then select "Teams".

  • How do I add a team association to a card?

    Adding a team association to a card requires Level 1 permissions. Click on a card missing a team association and select the team from the "Select team..." dropdown menu.

  • How do I edit the team associated with a card?

    Editing teams requires Level 2 permissions. To edit the team associated with a card, go to the card's page and click the "Turn Editing On" button. This will cause edit links to appear on the page. Click the "edit team" link, make the change, and submit.

  • What is the character limit of the Team field?

    There is a 255-character limit on the Team field. Longer descriptions should be shortened to fit this limit. The "edit team links" area can be used to add full team associations.

  • What is a TID?

    A TID is the unique identifier assigned to each team in the database. When visiting a team's page, the system queries all cards which have the team's TID associated with it, therefore a card must have a particular TID associated with it for it to show up on the team's page.

  • How do I find the TID of a team?

    You can find the TID of a team by visiting the team's page and looking at the URL of the page. The TID is the set of digits located after "tid/" in the URL.

    Example URL from the Arizona Diamondbacks's page:

    Arizona Diamondbacks's TID = 1

  • How do I add a team?

    Submit an Inaccuracy Report from the card's page that has the missing team.

  • How do I link multiple teams to a single card?

    Teams should only be linked to a card if they are the focal point or subject of the card. Teams of background players should never be linked.

    1. Edit the team field of the card, putting slashes between each team that needs to be linked (ex: Atlanta Braves / Baltimore Orioles / Chicago Cubs) and submit.
    2. Beneath the card images, click "edit team links".
    3. Click the "Create Links" button.
    4. Check below to see that all teams were linked properly and make adjustments if necessary.

    The "Create Links" button will link up to 8 different teams separated by slashes. If more than 8 links are required, the "Add Link(s)" area can be used. Additional teams can be added using that text box, either individually, or multiples separated by slashes (up to 8 at a time).



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