Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the points for?

    The points are to keep tabs on how much each member has contributed. Accumulating points will land you on the Top Members page. Each point scale also has a title associated with it. New members start off with 0 points and the title of "Rookie" and move up from there.

    High point totals will unlock special privileges in the Permissions area.

  • How do you earn points?

    You can earn points by submitting items to the database (images, checklists, videos, trivia, external links, prices, fixes, etc). Points for submitting fixes and prices are awarded at the end of the month.

  • Are points awarded for replacing images of cards?

    For images that are posted to the wrong spot, low resolution, watermarked, severely crooked, photographed, overly cropped, or altered, please use the inaccuracies reporting link to report it so that it can be removed altogether. Once removed, you can resubmit and get the points and the credit.

    If the image just needs to be slightly cropping or rotated, this can be achieved with the tools that show up under the card once editing is turned on. Points are awarded for this at the end of the month.

    No points are awarded for replacing your own submissions. Points are awarded for replacing images that aren't bad enough to warrant a complete removal at the end of the month and credit for the replacement is given beneath the original submitter's name.



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