Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it ok to add entries for photographs?
  • Photographs are defined as a collectible that measures longer than 5 inches on the shortest side and longer than 7 inches on the longest side.

    To be included, there are two criteria that photographs must meet. Note that both criteria must be met in order for the photograph to qualify for listing:

    1. The photographs must be printed on cardstock, not photo paper.
    2. The photographs must be printed as a consecutive set (sharing design elements from one photograph to the next). It should not be just one stand-alone photograph.

    Exceptions to Criteria:

    Some exceptions will exist to the aforementioned criteria. These exceptions are already in place as site guidelines for other collectibles.

    Photographs that are inserted into packs or boxes of traditional trading cards are allowed to be listed in order to fully document the inserts that were included.

    Photographs made by card companies, sold via card retailers, and authenticated by card grading companies are also allowable.

    If a photograph is not inserted into packs or boxes, not made by a card company, sold via a card retailer, or authenticated by card grading companies, the criteria for inclusion listed here should be followed in determining whether or not the photograph(s) are listable.



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