Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I post an image into the forum?
    • If you need help identifying a card, you can start a new thread in the Card Identification Forum and post images of the front and back using the "Choose File" buttons located there. The images must be in .jpg format.

      If the image is already posted on a website (like this one, Facebook, etc.), you should be able to copy/paste it into the body of a forum post or right-click on the image, select "Properties", and copy the URL of the image. Then select the "Image" tool icon when composing a forum post and paste the URL into the appropriate box.

      If the file is on your computer or device, you'll need to put it online (your own website, social media, image hosting site, blog, etc.) so that it has a publicly viewable URL and follow the steps above to put it into a forum post.

      There are also websites like that allow you to upload a file from your computer and will provide you with a URL that you can then use the "Image" tool icon to put into the body of a forum post as described above.

  • How do you search the forums?

  • Are giveaways allowed on the forum?
    • Yes, giveaways are allowed on the forum within certain guidelines. Participation should be free for the members and should not be for the direct or indirect monetary gain of the organizer. Giveaways can be in the form of a contest or game, but requiring payment to participate or any "raffle" type of events are not allowed.

  • What do some of the abbreviations used on the forum mean?
    • IR - Inaccuracy Report
    • PWE - Plain White Envelope



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