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  • How should sets be categorized?
  • Box Set
    Usually smaller, non-pack-based releases by major card manufactures commemorating a specific team, event, theme, or player.

    Cards depicting college teams.

    Cards depicting players on college teams, but with an indication of which pro team they were drafted by.

    Food Issue
    Cards released with and/or packaged with food products.

    Japanese League
    Cards depicting the Japanese league.

    Major Release
    National, pack-based or factory set release by a major card manufacturer.

    Minor League
    Cards depicting minor league teams.

    Regional or local releases or releases by smaller and/or unlicensed manufacturers. Can also include non-pack-based or collaborative releases by major card manufacturers.

    Online releases, usually singles or small sets made by major manufacturers whereby only the amount ordered are printed.

    Postcard-sized releases that could be sent via postal mail.

    Cards, usually given away at events, to promote other releases. The card themselves usually contain "promo" logos or labeling.

    A factory set reissuing of a previous released set.

    Team Issue
    Cards released by teams for giveaways. Usually no manufacturer noted.

    Team Photo
    Group shots of teams, usually issued by teams.

    Team Set
    National or regional release by major card manufacturer, coming one small set per team.

    For sets that meet the criteria for multiple categories, the following hierarchy should be used:

    1. Leagues (Japanese, CFL, European, WNBA, etc.)
    2. College
    3. Minor League
    4. Food Issue
    5. Postcard
    6. Team Photo
    7. Team Issue
    8. Promo
    9. Reprint
    10. Oddball
    11. On-Demand
    12. Box Set
    13. Team Set
    14. Major Release



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