2015 Topps Heritage

Errors / Variations

207 record(s)

  1a   Buster Posey   BASE: yellow font, green background
  1b   Buster Posey   VAR: green font, black background
  1c   Buster Posey   VAR: Action Image
  10a   Julio Teheran   BASE: Portrait photo
  10b   Julio Teheran   VAR: Throwback uniform
  25a   Jose Abreu   BASE:
  25b   Jose Abreu   VAR: Color Swap
  25c   Jose Abreu   VAR: Action Image
  30a   Brandon Phillips   BASE: "2B'man records"
  30b   Brandon Phillips   VAR: "2B records"
  36a   Sean Doolittle   BASE:
  36b   Sean Doolittle   VAR: No 2014 stats
  68a   George Springer   BASE:
  68b   George Springer   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  70a   Yoenis Cespedes   BASE:
  70b   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: Traded line on back
  74a   Jarrod Parker   BASE: Born in 1988
  74b   Jarrod Parker   VAR: Born in 1989
  86a   Norichika Aoki   BASE:
  86b   Norichika Aoki   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  90a   Jonathan Schoop   BASE:
  90b   Jonathan Schoop   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  100a   Clayton Kershaw   BASE: Red banners w/ yellow lettering
  100b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Black banners w/ red lettering
  100c   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Action Image
  110a   Anthony Rizzo   BASE:
  110b   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  126a   Chris Tillman   BASE: Text on reverse says "The 26-year-old..."
  126b   Chris Tillman   VAR: Text on reverse says "left-hander"
  175a   Josh Donaldson   BASE:
  175b   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Traded
  192a   Kole Calhoun   BASE: Born 1987
  192b   Kole Calhoun   VAR: Born 1991
  200a   Freddie Freeman   BASE:
  200b   Freddie Freeman   VAR: Color Swap
  201a   Jason Heyward   BASE:
  201b   Jason Heyward   VAR: Traded line on back
  212a   Matt Carpenter   BASE: Bat on left shoulder
  212b   Matt Carpenter   VAR: Throwback uniform, glove under arm
  250a   Johnny Cueto   BASE:
  250b   Johnny Cueto   VAR: Color Swap
  260a   Madison Bumgarner   BASE:
  260b   Madison Bumgarner   VAR: Action Image
  260c   Madison Bumgarner   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  266a   Lonnie Chisenhall   BASE:
  266b   Lonnie Chisenhall   VAR: Misspelled Chisenhal on back
  268a   Nick Castellanos   BASE:
  268b   Nick Castellanos   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  300a   Andrew McCutchen   BASE: Purple banners w/ white lettering
  300b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Black banners w/ purple lettering
  300c   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Action Image
  310a   Adam Jones   BASE:
  310b   Adam Jones   VAR: Color Swap
  310c   Adam Jones   VAR: Action Image
  325a   Michael Bourn   BASE:
  325b   Michael Bourn   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  331a   Henderson Alvarez   BASE:
  331b   Henderson Alvarez   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  350a   Masahiro Tanaka   BASE:
  350b   Masahiro Tanaka   VAR: Color Swap
  350c   Masahiro Tanaka   VAR: Action Image
  365a   Brett Gardner   BASE: Born Aug. 24, 1983
  365b   Brett Gardner   VAR: Born: August 24, 1980
  387a   Shelby Miller   BASE:
  387b   Shelby Miller   VAR: Traded line on back
  389a   Shin-Soo Choo   BASE: Swinging bat
  389b   Shin-Soo Choo   VAR: Throwback uniform, in dugout
  400a   Joe Mauer   BASE:
  400b   Joe Mauer   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  426a   Giancarlo Stanton   BASE:
  426b   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Color Swap
  426c   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Action Image
  428a   Evan Longoria   BASE:
  428b   Evan Longoria   VAR: Color Swap
  428c   Evan Longoria   VAR: Action Image
  436a   Justin Upton   BASE:
  436b   Justin Upton   VAR: Color Swap
  440a   Bryce Harper   BASE:
  440b   Bryce Harper   VAR: Color Swap
  440c   Bryce Harper   VAR: Action Image
  442a   Robinson Cano   BASE: Short-Print
  442b   Robinson Cano   VAR: Color Swap, Short-Print
  442c   Robinson Cano   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  444a   Jose Bautista   BASE:
  444b   Jose Bautista   VAR: Color Swap
  444c   Jose Bautista   VAR: Action Image
  445a   Jonathan Lucroy   BASE:
  445b   Jonathan Lucroy   VAR: Color Swap
  447a   Chris Sale   BASE:
  447b   Chris Sale   VAR: Photo is actually Jose Quintana
  447c   Chris Sale   VAR: Color Swap
  447d   Chris Sale   VAR: Action Image
  450a   Yasiel Puig   BASE:
  450b   Yasiel Puig   VAR: Action Image
  453a   Troy Tulowitzki   BASE:
  453b   Troy Tulowitzki   VAR: Color Swap
  455a   Jose Altuve   BASE:
  455b   Jose Altuve   VAR: Color Swap
  455c   Jose Altuve   VAR: Action Image
  455d   Jose Altuve   VAR: Throwback Uniform



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