2012 Bowman

Errors / Variations

99 record(s)

  103a   Chris Polk   BASE: cutting to his right
  103b   Chris Polk   VAR: cutting to his left
  104a   Ryan Lindley   BASE: throwing pose
  104b   Ryan Lindley   VAR: both hands on football
  107a   Kellen Moore   BASE: white jersey
  107b   Kellen Moore   VAR: blue jersey
  109a   Jarius Wright   BASE: running to his right
  109b   Jarius Wright   VAR: running to his left
  110a   Ryan Tannehill   BASE: dropping back
  110b   Ryan Tannehill   VAR: passing pose
  111a   Isaiah Pead   BASE: right hand at chin
  111b   Isaiah Pead   VAR: right hand at waist
  113a   Coby Fleener   BASE: football at chest
  113b   Coby Fleener   VAR: football at waist
  114a   Tommy Streeter   BASE: mouth closed
  114b   Tommy Streeter   VAR: mouth open
  116a   Russell Wilson   BASE: set to pass
  116b   Russell Wilson   VAR: dropping back
  117a   Nick Toon   BASE: without ball
  117b   Nick Toon   VAR: with ball
  119a   Robert Turbin   BASE: Ball in left arm
  119b   Robert Turbin   VAR: ball in right arm
  120a   Trent Richardson   BASE: left hand at waist
  120b   Trent Richardson   VAR: left hand at chin
  123a   Jeff Fuller   BASE: white Jersey
  123b   Jeff Fuller   VAR: green jersey
  124a   Jordan White   BASE: running pose
  124b   Jordan White   VAR: catching pose
  129a   Kendall Wright   BASE: football in right hand
  129b   Kendall Wright   VAR: football in both hands
  130a   Justin Blackmon   BASE: green jersey
  130b   Justin Blackmon   VAR: white jersey
  132a   LaMichael James   BASE: white jersey
  132b   LaMichael James   VAR: red jersey
  137a   Alshon Jeffery   BASE: running pose
  137b   Alshon Jeffery   VAR: catching pose
  139a   Jacory Harris   BASE: set to pass
  139b   Jacory Harris   VAR: scrambling pose
  140a   Michael Floyd   BASE: football at waist
  140b   Michael Floyd   VAR: football near chin
  142a   Chandler Harnish   BASE: blue jersey
  142b   Chandler Harnish   VAR: white jersey
  145a   Kirk Cousins   BASE: facing forward
  145b   Kirk Cousins   VAR: back to camera
  149a   Bernard Pierce   BASE: running pose
  149b   Bernard Pierce   VAR: catching pose
  150a   Andrew Luck   BASE: holding football
  150b   Andrew Luck   VAR: without football
  151a   A.J. Jenkins   BASE: white pants
  151b   A.J. Jenkins   VAR: orange pants
  152a   Mohamed Sanu   BASE: with football
  152b   Mohamed Sanu   VAR: without football
  153a   David Wilson   BASE: blue helmet
  153b   David Wilson   VAR: white helmet
  155a   Doug Martin   BASE: ball in left arm
  155b   Doug Martin   VAR: ball in right arm
  160a   Morris Claiborne   BASE: blue helmet
  160b   Morris Claiborne   VAR: silver helmet
  161a   Brandon Weeden   BASE: brown jersey
  161b   Brandon Weeden   VAR: white jersey
  163a   Bobby Rainey   BASE: white pants
  163b   Bobby Rainey   VAR: purple pants
  165a   Cyrus Gray   BASE: white jersey
  165b   Cyrus Gray   VAR: red jersey
  168a   Brian Quick   BASE: with football
  168b   Brian Quick   VAR: without football
  170a   Quinton Coples   BASE: white pants
  170b   Quinton Coples   VAR: green pants
  171a   Nick Foles   BASE: White Jersey
  172a   T.Y. Hilton   BASE: running forward
  172b   T.Y. Hilton   VAR: running to his left
  174a   Lamar Miller   BASE: football in left arm
  174b   Lamar Miller   VAR: football in right arm
  176a   Dwayne Allen   BASE: without football
  176b   Dwayne Allen   VAR: with football
  180a   Melvin Ingram   BASE: running to his left
  180b   Melvin Ingram   VAR: running to his right
  181a   DeVier Posey   BASE: without football
  181b   DeVier Posey   VAR: with football
  182a   Rueben Randle   BASE: football at waist
  182b   Rueben Randle   VAR: football at shoulder
  185a   Dre Kirkpatrick   BASE: white jersey
  185b   Dre Kirkpatrick   VAR: orange jersey
  186b   Austin Davis   VAR: Running
  186a   Austin Davis   BASE: Passing
  187b   Jermaine Kearse   VAR: White Jersey
  187a   Jermaine Kearse   BASE: Blue Jersey
  189a   Marvin McNutt   BASE: football in right hand
  189b   Marvin McNutt   VAR: football in both hands
  191a   Dwight Jones   BASE: with ball
  191b   Dwight Jones   VAR: without ball
  196a   Case Keenum   BASE: white jersey
  196b   Case Keenum   VAR: blue jersey
  197a   Ryan Broyles   BASE: blue jersey
  197b   Ryan Broyles   VAR: white jersey
  198a   Joe Adams   BASE: left hand at waist
  198b   Joe Adams   VAR: left hand at chest
  200a   Robert Griffin   BASE: passing pose
  200b   Robert Griffin III   VAR: running pose


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