1987 Topps

Errors / Variations

396 record(s)

  1a   Super Bowl XXI   VAR: C*
  1b   Super Bowl XXI   VAR: D*
  1c   Super Bowl XXI   VAR: C*D*
  2a   Todd Christensen   VAR: C* Most Seasons, 80-or-more Receptions
  2b   Todd Christensen   VAR: D* Most Seasons, 80-or-more Receptions
  2c   Todd Christensen   VAR: C*D* Most Seasons, 80-or-more Receptions
  3a   Dave Jennings   VAR: C* Most Punts, career
  3b   Dave Jennings   VAR: D* Most Punts, career
  3c   Dave Jennings   VAR: C*D* Most Punts, career
  4a   Charlie Joiner   VAR: C* Most Receiving Yards, career
  4b   Charlie Joiner   VAR: D* Most Receiving Yards, career
  4c   Charlie Joiner   VAR: C*D* Most Receiving Yards, career
  5a   Steve Largent   VAR: C* Most Consecutive Games with a Reception
  5b   Steve Largent   VAR: D* Most Consecutive Games with a Reception
  5c   Steve Largent   VAR: C*D* Most Consecutive Games with a Reception
  6a   Dan Marino   VAR: C* Most Consecutive Seasons, 30-or-more TD Passes
  6b   Dan Marino   VAR: D* Most Consecutive Seasons, 30-or-more TD Passes
  6c   Dan Marino   VAR: C*D* Most Consecutive Seasons, 30-or-more TD Passes
  7a   Donnie Shell   VAR: C* Most Interceptions by a Strong Safety, career
  7b   Donnie Shell   VAR: D* Most Interceptions by a Strong Safety, career
  7c   Donnie Shell   VAR: C*D* Most Interceptions by a Strong Safety, career
  8a   Phil Simms   VAR: C* Highest Completion Percentage, Super Bowl
  8b   Phil Simms   VAR: D* Highest Completion Percentage, Super Bowl
  8c   Phil Simms   VAR: C*D* Highest Completion Percentage, Super Bowl
  9a   Mark Bavaro   VAR: C* "Bavaro Pulls Free"
  9b   Mark Bavaro   VAR: D* "Bavaro Pulls Free"
  9c   Mark Bavaro   VAR: C*D* "Bavaro Pulls Free"
  10a   Phil Simms   VAR: C*
  10b   Phil Simms   VAR: D*
  10c   Phil Simms   VAR: C*D*
  11a   Joe Morris   VAR: C*
  11b   Joe Morris   VAR: D*
  11c   Joe Morris   VAR: C*D*
  12a   Maurice Carthon   VAR: C*
  12b   Maurice Carthon   VAR: D*
  12c   Maurice Carthon   VAR: C*D*
  13a   Lee Rouson   VAR: C*
  13b   Lee Rouson   VAR: D*
  13c   Lee Rouson   VAR: C*D*
  15a   Lionel Manuel   VAR: C*
  15b   Lionel Manuel   VAR: D*
  15c   Lionel Manuel   VAR: C*D*
  18a   Zeke Mowatt   VAR: C*
  18b   Zeke Mowatt   VAR: D*
  18c   Zeke Mowatt   VAR: C*D*
  22a   Jim Burt   VAR: C*
  22b   Jim Burt   VAR: D*
  22c   Jim Burt   VAR: C*D*
  23a   Leonard Marshall   VAR: C*
  23b   Leonard Marshall   VAR: D*
  23c   Leonard Marshall   VAR: C*D*
  26a   Lawrence Taylor   VAR: C*
  26b   Lawrence Taylor   VAR: D*
  26c   Lawrence Taylor   VAR: C*D*
  28a   Pepper Johnson   VAR: C*
  28b   Pepper Johnson   VAR: D*
  28c   Pepper Johnson   VAR: C*D*
  30a   Gerald Willhite   VAR: C* "Willhite Dives For First Down"
  30b   Gerald Willhite   VAR: D* "Willhite Dives For First Down"
  30c   Gerald Willhite   VAR: C*D* "Willhite Dives For First Down"
  43a   Walter Payton   VAR: C* "Payton Barrels Forward"
  43b   Walter Payton   VAR: D* "Payton Barrels Forward"
  43c   Walter Payton   VAR: C*D* "Payton Barrels Forward"
  44a   Jim McMahon   VAR: C*
  44b   Jim McMahon   VAR: D*
  44c   Jim McMahon   VAR: C*D*
  49a   Dennis Gentry   VAR: C*
  49b   Dennis Gentry   VAR: D*
  49c   Dennis Gentry   VAR: C*D*
  52a   Jay Hilgenberg   VAR: C*
  52b   Jay Hilgenberg   VAR: D*
  52c   Jay Hilgenberg   VAR: C*D*
  54a   Steve McMichael   VAR: C*
  54b   Steve McMichael   VAR: D*
  54c   Steve McMichael   VAR: C*D*
  60a   Mike Richardson   VAR: C*
  60b   Mike Richardson   VAR: D*
  60c   Mike Richardson   VAR: C*D*
  63a   George Rogers   VAR: C* "Rogers Plunges Ahead"
  63b   George Rogers   VAR: D* "Rogers Plunges Ahead"
  63c   George Rogers   VAR: C*D* "Rogers Plunges Ahead"
  64a   Jay Schroeder   VAR: C*
  64b   Jay Schroeder   VAR: D*
  64c   Jay Schroeder   VAR: C*D*
  66a   Kelvin Bryant   VAR: C*
  66b   Kelvin Bryant   VAR: D*
  66c   Kelvin Bryant   VAR: C*D*
  67a   Ken Jenkins   VAR: C*
  67b   Ken Jenkins   VAR: D*
  67c   Ken Jenkins   VAR: C*D*
  70a   Clint Didier   VAR: C*
  70b   Clint Didier   VAR: D*
  70c   Clint Didier   VAR: C*D*
  71a   Steve Cox   VAR: C*
  71b   Steve Cox   VAR: D*
  71c   Steve Cox   VAR: C*D*
  72a   Joe Jacoby   VAR: C*
  72b   Joe Jacoby   VAR: D*
  72c   Joe Jacoby   VAR: C*D*
  77a   Darrell Green   VAR: C*



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